New Website!

Posted by T. Lewis on 9/16/2014 12:31:48 PM

Welcome to the new home of Voyager's Robotics program!

Robot by Alex

We are excited about new resources this year. We have a second 3D printer, doubling our simulatneous print capacity. We also are using a bunch of new software on our brand-new, more-powerful computers. We hope to use Autodesk 123D Design and Meshmixer to design even more amazing things for our printer. We are also venturing more into hardware with our Arduino platforms and VEX IQ robot kits.

With this whole process I am continuing my commitment to making all the software we use both relate to industry standard, but also be available for students to install at home for free.

Also check out to see a wealth of programming resources we are using for 6th grade program and beyond.