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Middle and high school in-person learning update

In-person learning for middle and high school students will begin April 19. We will follow health and safety protocols such as physical distancing and health screenings or attestations. All students will be required to wear face masks if they participate in-person learning. 


When we return to school on April 19, middle and high school teachers will teach all their students (distance and in-person students) during the same period four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). Our goal is to keep middle and high school schedules as simple and consistent as possible. In-person students will attend school two days per week. More schedule details will be sent later, but students will keep the same classes they have now. Wednesdays will remain as they are now in distance learning with time for individual student support. 


Bus transportation is available for students who would normally qualify for district transportation. 


Questionnaires about your child's plan for school starting April 19 are now closed. If you still need to respond, please contact your child's school office.