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Distance learning update


In a family message Sept. 14, I shared with you that Snohomish Health District recommended schools begin planning for in-person learning for some students because of declining COVID-19 cases in our county. Since that time, district leadership has continued exploring and planning for some students to return to in-person learning beginning with students in preschool through second grade and students who have special needs or other needs that make distance learning extremely challenging.

We hope to start in-person learning for interested families with children in preschool through second grade on Oct. 26. We plan to wait at least three weeks before bringing back students in grades three through five. We will likely bring middle school students back in December or early January in a hybrid model with high school students to follow at the start of second semester in late January, also in a hybrid model.

I want to emphasize this is our early thinking and it may change depending on how many families want their children to return to in-person instruction, and the status of the COVID-19 cases in our county.

As promised, families may choose to remain in distance learning.

To help families get a better idea of what school will be like for those returning to in-person learning, we’ve created a video. The overview is about nine minutes long and applies to elementary staff and families. Please watch the video before completing the elementary family survey described below. I’ve also attached the script if you prefer to read it.



To plan further, we must know how many students plan to return, need transportation, meals, etc. The responses we receive from families will drive critical decisions about staffing, schedules, class placement, space availability, etc. Please complete the brief elementary student questionnaire by Friday, Oct. 2.

Language Support: In the Chrome browser, install the Google Translate extension to translate the form into your preferred language.