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Principals Message


Greetings from Dr. Pimpleton

Thank you to those who were able to attend our first community town hall that was held Tuesday over zoom. We had a great conversation about staff and student perceptions of safety on campus and highlighted some ideas about how the school and families might work together to keep Mariner a safe place.


Our next meeting is currently scheduled for Monday February 26th and will be a panel of educators and students sharing and seeking family feedback about our draft Vision of the Student Learning Experience.


The draft vision statement includes:

  • A Promise – our core commitment to our students
  • Our Values – the principles that guide our day to interactions and decision making.
  • Our Mission – a simple statement of purpose.
  • Our Vision – an aspirational statement about the ways we aim to engage in this work and the ultimate impact we hope to have.


Please mark your calendars for Monday February 26th at 7pm for a hopeful conversation about where we aim to go and come with any feedback you might have.



  • A Safe and Nurturing Learning Environment
  • Outstanding Teaching and Learning
  • Equitable Access to Opportunity



  • Relationships – We take care of each other.
  • Integrity – We are accountable for reducing and repairing harm
  • Scholarship – We make choices focused on learning.
  • Equity – We make room for and celebrate our differences.



Mariner High School provides an exemplary and personalized education that prepares students for post secondary pathways, careers and community engagement.




We strive to foster a learning environment in which every student graduates empowered to pursue their chosen future. The learning experiences they have with us equip them to investigate the world as curious, critical, and creative thinkers; to communicate their ideas; to construct viable arguments; to critique the reasoning of others; and to take actions to lead and solve problems in their communities.


Knowing our students by name, strength, and need, we provide individualized instruction, interventions, supports, and accelerated learning opportunities so that each student can reach their full potential.. We respect and celebrate our differences. We support students in reflecting on their own background and experiences, in authentically listening and learning from one another, and in collaborating with individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Believing that literacy is power and freedom, we promote academic language acquisition and the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, which are not only necessary for academic success, but are critical tools for informed participation in a democratic society.

Students leave Mariner with the knowledge and resources to secure their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual well being and a positive and productive life



Marcus Pimpleton