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Mukilteo students get email addresses!

Beginning this school year, all Mukilteo School District students will have school email addresses. Email addresses will be available to students in middle and high school today, Aug. 31, 2020. At this time, students can only access their accounts by going using Outlook on the Web at, and logging in with their district computer login.


Student email addresses are their student ID number followed by “” However, recipients of messages will see the student’s name, not their ID number.

EXAMPLE: Student email is, but recipients will see McFly, Marty.


To provide a safe environment for our students and systems, middle school students can only send and receive emails within Mukilteo School District. High school students can send to and receive emails from any email address. We have also implemented Gaggle, an industry-leading safety tool for review and monitoring of student content.


Forthcoming guidance on proper use of student emails please visit our Family Technology Resources website at