• We are on a modified schedule for testing on March 22, March 23, March 24, March 30 and March 31.   Here is a link to the bell schedule SBA Spring Testing Schedule.

    Testing will happen during Focus Period.  It is REALLY important that students show up for testing.   The number one way for students to meet their graduation pathway is through state testing.


    Please see the attached schedule for the placement of Focus just after Period 1 on testing days.  This movement allows us to expand Focus period to accommodate testing.  We will be providing snacks during testing as well as breakfast items post testing. Testing days are as follows:

    • March 22: English Language Arts Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
    • March 23: English Language Arts Performance Task (PT)
    • March 24: Math CAT
    • March 30: Math PT
    • March 31: Science


    Please be on time each day!  Testing starts at 8:15 AM.  😊