• Attendance Reporting

    MHS ATTENDANCE OFFICE:  425-366-5760


    To Excuse an absence:  Parents/Guardians must call or send note in with 48 hours

    Para excusar una ausencia: los padres o tutores deben llamar o enviar nota con 48 horas


    School attendance is recognized as a right and responsibility of all students in Mukilteo School District.  Daily attendance is required in accordance with State law and School Board policy.  Unless excused, students are expected to maintain regular attendance in each class.


    Students and parents must accept responsibility for regular school attendanceNO MATTER THE AGE OF STUDENT.  School absences cause interruption of instructional activities, some of which cannot be substituted or made up.  Failure to attend school may result in loss of credit, grade reduction, removal from class, or removal from school.


    Student absences are excused only when there is a valid written statement or phone call from the student’s parent or guardian whenever the student has been absent from school.  The note must be dated and contain the specific date(s) and period(s) of the absence, along with the reason.  The phone call must come from a contact listed in our student school database.  Notes and phone calls must be turned in or made within 2 days (48 hours) of returning to school, unless other arrangements have been made in accordance with building procedures.  Absences not cleared through this procedure will be recorded as unexcused.

    Students are responsible for work missed while they are out of school.  Not all assignments or assessments can be made up.  Individual teachers will determine how assignments and assessments can be made up. 

    Authorized Absences Include:  Illness, Family Emergency, Bereavement, Doctor/Dental appointments, Religious Observances, or temporary absences excused upon the request of a parent/guardian and agreed upon with the school principal or designee.  Long term absences are not recommended during the school year as such causes a serious adverse effect upon the student’s educational progress.

    School-related absences are absences when the time away from class is at the direction of the school, approved by the parents and the school and supervised by school personnel. Authorized school-related absences such as field trips or suspensions will not count towards a student’s absences in regards to credit-loss due to absences.  Students are responsible for notifying their teachers and either making arrangements for an alternative due date OR turning in all class work prior to leaving on field trip.

    Individual teachers will declare the actual influence of attendance or tardiness upon instructional objectives/goals of the course in writing at the start of the course in class syllabi.  This means that students will have notice of the impact of attendance upon their grade in the class at the start of the grading period.

    Students involved in co/extra-curricular activities and/or athletics must be in attendance for at least one-half (1/2) day to participate in such activities.

    Mariner does not recognize self-excusal of attendance at the age of 18 UNLESS emancipation paperwork is on file with the school OR the student can provide proof of living on own.   

    Students who are aware of upcoming absences in advance should make arrangements with their teacher(s) prior to their absence to obtain their work and arrange make-up work.

    In the event of a pre-arranged absence of more than (3) consecutive days, students should present a “pre-arranged absence form” to their teachers prior to the absence.  These forms are in the Attendance Office.  Pre-arranged absences will be marked as “excused” provided the guidelines are followed.   PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCES COUNT TOWARDS THE 12 ABSENCES - POSSIBLE LOSS OF CREDIT.


    1. If a student becomes ill, they must report directly to the nurse to obtain permission to leave.  Students leaving campus MUST sign out through the Attendance Office each time they depart. 
    2. Students leaving school during the day for scheduled appointments, etc., will only be allowed to leave after a note or phone call is received from the parent/guardian AND then sign out at the office when leaving.  Students who leave without following this procedure will be considered truant
    3. Students who return to school within the same day must sign in at the Attendance Office to avoid being marked absent for the remainder of the school day.
    4. Students 18 years old or older may NOT excuse themselves from campus during the school day. (see #5 under Attendance Policy above)


    Students in the Mukilteo School District should not exceed twelve (12) absences per semester per class.  School-related absences including suspensions will be reported in an attendance history, however, they will not be considered as part of the twelve.  The semester progress report will show a grade of “NCA” (no credit applied) for any course in which the student has exceeded twelve absences; except, if the student has failed the course, at which time an “F” is recorded on the transcript.  If a student is graded “NCA,” it is reflected on the transcript and no credit is awarded. Students will remain in a class even when they have exceeded twelve absences. 

    Extenuating Circumstances:  Credit may be granted by the school administration if:

    1. There are extenuating circumstances that have caused excessive absences and,
    2. The absences are excused, and…
    3. Parents and students have maintained contact with the school regarding the absences during the semester.

    Depending on the student’s schedule and the extenuating circumstances, credit may be granted for all or part of the student’s classes.

    Administrators may put students on an attendance contract at any time throughout the school year to encourage and motivate students to meet attendance expectations if attendance issues arise.  Meeting the expectations of such contract may lead to replacement of credit through a credit appeal if student has missed school and such absences are not excused or an effect of extenuating circumstances.

    Credit Appeal:  Credit may be granted by the school administration on appeal if:

    1. An appeal is filed within 45 school days from the end of the semester in which the excessive absences occurred and
    2. The student does not have unexcused absences.

    Credit appeals apply to all of the student’s classes that exceed twelve (12) absences.  A student may not choose to appeal only some of his/her classes.

    In the event a student does not meet the 45 school day appeal deadline and/or the student has unexcused absences, the principal may grant an exception to the appeal process and grant credit if there are unique and extenuating circumstances.

    The final decision to grant credit to a student by the appeal process is within the sole discretion of the Mariner School Administration and is not subject to appeal to the District Administration or Board of Directors. 

    Excessive Absences:  Parents and students will be notified when excessive absences occur.  Parents can contact the attendance office for attendance information related to their student(s).  Absences will be reported on quarter and semester report cards.

    CLOSED CAMPUS:Mariner High School is a closed campus.

    1. Students are not allowed to leave school grounds without permission, after their initial arrival on campus, or prior to being officially excused.  This includes passing period, lunch times, and assemblies.
    2. In addition, property behind the gyms and portables, the stadium, all field areas, and the parking lots are off-limits to students during the school day.  During lunch, students are allowed to be outside on the west end but are not to enter the area of portable classrooms.