• Ms. Nelson, Sixth Grade Science

    My aim is to contribute to the development of students as scientficially-literate inquirers as they explore the role of science in real-world contexts. Students will be actively engaged in scientific research and discourse thoughout thier studies. They are encouraged to think creatively and critically when solving problems as well as to collaborate with one another to achieve learning goals.


    • Stucture of Earth
    • Plate Tectonics
    • Earthquakes
    • Volcanoes
    • Rock Cycle & Fossils
    • Erosion & Deposition
    • WA State Geologic History


    • Using a Microscope
    • Animal & Plant Cells
    • Human Body Systems




    • Classification of Living Things
    • Bacteria & Viruses
    • Protists
    • Human Growth & Development


    • Motion
    • Average Speed
    • Friction
    • Unbalanced Forces


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