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    Welcome to the art studio! The Harbour Pointe 8th Grade Art and Design Program is designed to provide in-depth exploration into the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, a variety of techniques and art media, and the art of cultures throughout the world. The visual arts have the most impact for me when they relate to the human experience. For art to have personal depth, I encourage students to learn how art has been used to communicate ideas historically and culturally. Students also experience the joy of creating for personal beauty and discovery, as well as the challenge of critical thinking and problem solving. Students will learn about the following art techniques and media:

         *  Drawing (graphite, pen, markers, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal)
         *  Painting (tempera, acrylic, water colors)
         *  Ceramics/Clay (slab, pinch pot, coil, modeling)
         *  Sculpture (paper mache, clay, paper, plaster, multi-media)
         *  Printmaking (linoleum block relief, rubber stamps, acrylic)
         *  Collage

    Exploratory Trimester Rotations:

    6th Grade: Art (Jordan), STEM (Nelson), Quest (Lawrence)

    7th Grade: Art (Jordan), Acting (Riccardo), Quest (Entler)

    8th Grade: Art (Jordan), HPTV (Ardissono), Leadership (Entler)

    Publications (Yearbook)  -  8PUB07

    This is a course that prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills to the layout, design and typographic arrangement of printed and electronic graphic and textual products. In this course students will learn the following related basic skills: digital photography, graphic design, interviewing techniques, copy writing, and layout design. Using these skills students will produce and publish their school’s yearbook and student newspaper. Working creatively and independently with tight deadlines is vitally important. All applicants must have demonstrated prior responsibility as well as independent learning.