• Parents/guardians must call the Attendance Office 425-366-5205 to excuse an absence.  If you do not call, please send a written note to the Attendance Office to excuse the absence WITHIN TWO DAYS of the students' return to school.

    Excused absences include:  illness, health condition or medical appointment; family emergency; religious or cultural purpose; court; post-secondary visitation or scholarship interview; absence directly related to homeless/foster care status; state recognized search and rescue activities; absences related to deployment activities of parent/guardian, absences due to disciplinary actions; absences due to student safety concerns; absence due to students migrant status. an approved activity that is consistent with district policy and mutually agreed upon by the principal/designee and parent/guardian.

    Late to School

    When arriving late, the student MUST check in at the Attendance Desk in the Main Office before going to class.  A note or phone call from the parent is required to excuse a tardy.  

    Early Dismissal

    If you know you need to pick up your student for an appointment:

    • Send a note in with your student/Call two hours ahead of time/or send an email to MarquezMX@mukilteo.wednet.edu.
    • if your student is bringing a not have your student bring the not to the  Attendance Office in the Morning
    • They will be given a pass to leave class and will be waiting for you in the Main Office

    Students Who Fall Ill At School

    Have your student go to the health room and check in with our Nurse.  She will contact the parents/guardians.

    Bus Passes

    If your student is going home with a friend and will be riding their bus, they need to stop by the Attendance office for a bus pass before school or during lunch. Students need to have a note with the date, students name, friends name, bus or route number if known, and parent signature.  Permission cannot be given over the phone, but emails can be sent to hawkinsoncj@mukilteo.wednet.edu.

    If your student will be absent 2 or more days fill out the below form and return to the Attendance Desk.

    Pre-Arranged Absence Form

    Mukilteo School District Attendance Policy