• Dear Mukilteo School District Families:

    Our goal this year is to ensure that every student is present, engaged and supported.

    Supporting regular attendance is very important during this time. Students should log in to Schoology and participate in class every weekday. When a child misses even 10 percent or more of school, or about two days per month, it can affect a student’s progress and eventually their ability to graduate on time.

    Student participation may include:

    • Daily logins to Schoology
    • Daily interactions with teacher(s) to acknowledge attendance (Examples include texts, emails, phone calls, or video chats)
    • Evidence of participation in a task or assignment

    Attendance will be taken each day. When students participate in the above ways, they will be marked present. If a student does not engage or demonstrate participation in any way in a class on a school day, the student will be marked as absent.

    Beginning in October, we will send attendance letters for students who have missed three or more days, either excused or unexcused absences. The hope is to bring awareness to how many days students have missed, regardless of the reason. Schools will work with families during the month of September to remove barriers to attendance. Please let your child’s school know how they can best support you and your child, so they are present, engaged and supported every day.


    Mukilteo School District