• Overall

    Voyager Middle School is made up of a diverse community of 900 students and over 70 staff members. Located in the South Everett Community, students at Voyager Middle School speak over 30 languages and come from many different cultural backgrounds. Approximately 22 percent of our population is eligible for ELL and 16 percent eligible for special education services. About 61 percent of our population receives free or reduced-price meals. 

    School Mission

    Our mission is to prepare our youth today for tomorrow’s opportunities. We believe our students need daily, positive social interaction with adults and peers. They need flexibility within structured and clear limits to feel a sense of competency and achievement and to have intellectual and academic challenge opportunities for creative expression. Students also need frequent physical activities and meaningful participation with their families, school, and communities in order to develop a sense of who they are. Students should learn personal and social responsibility and should show respect toward themselves and others. Voyager Middle School has one school rule: Nobody has the right to interfere with the learning or safety of others. We expect our students to do what is expected and do it the best they can.

    Teaming Model

    The teaming model makes Voyager Middle School stand out among its neighboring schools. In a teaming model, a group of students share the same set of core teachers, creating a cohort of students or a team.  Most of our students are on teams of two teachers or three teachers, which means that two or three teachers share 60 to 90 students for their core classes (language arts, social studies, science, and math). Voyager implements a teaming model to improve student learning. There are many benefits to teaming. The model improves student connections to school, creates fewer student transitions in the school day, allows the length and duration of classes to be modified to better meet student needs, and creates a common, consistent teacher collaboration time each day to improve instruction by aligning curriculum vertically between grades and within the state standards. Above all, the model truly puts the students first. Students also have two electives for 90 minutes a day, rotating between the two electives every other day.


    Voyager was built in 1992. The building offers 30 classrooms, four science labs, a visual arts facility, a STEAM Lab, music rooms, counseling center, nurse office, gymnasium, and a fully equipped weight room. Our commons area includes a stage and serves as a cafeteria, theater, concert hall, and auxiliary gym. Our school serves as a community center throughout the calendar year, providing a home for churches, community teams and meetings, and the YMCA.