Transcript Requests

  • To order your transcript, click the logo below for the high school/program that you last attended.

    ACES/ALE Online Transcript Request

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    Kamiak High School Transcript Request

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    Mariner High School Transcript Request

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    Mukilteo Re-engagement Academy - Open Doors (Graduation Alliance) Transcript Request

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    The Mukilteo School District has partnered with Parchment an Instructure Company as a transcript service. Parchment is a self-contained transcript service; it is secure and you can request a transcript 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Transcripts will be sent directly to the admissions office or to the location of your choice. 

    Students who attended ACES High School, Kamiak High School, Mariner High School or Mukilteo Re-Engagement Academy - Open Doors (Graduation Alliance) must order transcripts through Parchment. To create a Parchment account, click one of the buttons above.

    Each grading period, your transcript in Parchment is NOT automatically updated. If you have ordered an unofficial or official transcript through Parchment in the past, you will NOT automatically see an updated version after each following grading period.

    In order to see an updated version of your transcript, after grades are posted, make a new request for an unofficial or official transcript through Parchment (if you are unsure if grades have been posted when requesting your transcript through Parchment, you can request a "Hold for Grades"). Once you submit a new request, and it is processed by school or district staff, you will see the updated version of your transcript, either in your Parchment account or via the way that you requested your transcript (in an e-mail or hard copy).

    If you have a school/college/university that needs the most up-to-date version of your transcript, you must request that it be sent (or re-sent) to them, by submitting a new transcript request in Parchment.

    Should you have additional questions regarding these processes during the school year, please contact the Counseling Center at your high school.

    ACES High School 425-366-3913
    Kamiak High School 425-366-5446
    Mariner High School 425-366-5715
    Mukilteo Re-Engagement Academy - Open Doors (Graduation Alliance) 425-366-1274

    Summer Parchment / Transcript Request Information

    All requests will be approved and processed through the Secondary Education Department at the Mukilteo School District Office.

    Please follow the directions above. Should you have any questions during Summer hours only, please contact Mukilteo School District at 425-356-1274.