• Grades

    Grading policy for all Robotics courses

    Grading Policy

    You may check your student’s grades on Aspen by logging in with your family portal account acquired from the office staff. Your student checks their robotics grade every day they attend robotics class, so they can also show you that grade by logging into their Aspen account at home.

    Assignments in robotics are graded based on a list of requirements and features of each assignment. The grade for the assignment should be easy for the students to predict because all assignments are graded as follows:

    • Not all requirements met - 60% or less.
    • All requirements met - 80%
    • All requirements met and some features - 100%

    If you have submitted an assignment on time, you may resubmit to improve your grade up to 100%.

    If you did not submit an assignment, you may submit it late for up to 80%.

    Students should focus on completing any assignments with 0 points first to improve the grade the most. Assignments with the lowest grade generally impact student’s grades most. Assignments listed as “No score” have not been scored and will not count against students’ grades.

    Resubmitted assignments will be graded as soon as possible based on my schedule. However, a way to make sure your grade is updated quickly is to attend Robotics Office Hours and request that I grade an assignment on the spot. This option is not available during normal class time.

    Lists of requirements and features of each assignment are available in class or during Robotics Office Hours. Take advantage of Office Hours to make up work. M W Th F, 3:00-4:00. Permission slip required.