Athletics Information


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    SPORTS INFO BY SEASON (updated 3/20/2024)

    1st Season:

    • Meeting for all interested fall sports athletes on 9/7/23 from 2:45-4pm. Students can ride activity buses home at 4pm if they live in our bus boundaries.
    • 1st practices are on 9/11/23--must have sports physical on file (good for two years) and registered through Final Forms.


    Cross Country

    Girls Softball - 7th & 8th Grade Girls

    2nd Season--November

    Boys Basketball

    • Coach Tom Jensen (8th Grade)
    • Coach Josh Olson (7th Grade)
    • Basketball tryouts are November 1st (2:45-4:45pm), November 2nd (4-6pm), and November 3rd (2:45-4:45pm).
    • Practices begin on 11/9 and run Mondays-Thursdays in main gym from 2:45-5pm.

    Girls Volleyball    

    • Coach Samantha Carter (8th Grade)
    • Coach Lauren Rutter (7th Grade)
    • Volleyball try-outs will be on November 6th - 8th from 2:45-4:45pm
    • Practices begin on 11/9:
      • 8th Grade practices from 2:45-4:45pm on Monday-Friday
      • 7th Grade practices from 4-6pm on Monday-Thursday and 2:45-4:45pm on Fridays. 
      • All athletes are invited to go to the commons on Fridays between school dismissal and start of practices. Supervision provided by Mr. Mitalas.

    Soccer (7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls)

    • Coach Kirk Loschky (Boys)
    • TBD (Girls)
    • Soccer tryouts are November 2nd (4-6pm), November 3rd (2:45-4:45pm) and November 6th (2:45-4:45pm).
    • Practices begin on 11/7 and run Mondays-Thursdays on the soccer field from 2:45-4pm.

    3rd Season--January/February/March

    Girls Basketball   

    • Coach Tom Jensen (7th Grade)
    • Coach Abby Kizziar (8th Grade)
    • Try-outs are 1/16 - 1/18/2024 from 2:45-5pm
    • Practices start on 1/19/2024 and run daily from 2:45-5pm on Mondays-Thursdays. (Check with coaches on any Friday practices and times.)


    • Head Coach John
    • Asst. Coach David
    • Open to all grades (6th-8th graders)--6th graders can practice with team but cannot compete in meets
    • Practices begin on 2/8/2024 and run Mondays-Thursdays from 2:45-4:45pm.

    4th Season--Starts 4/1/2024

    Track (7th & 8th Boys & Girls)

    Track & Field Practices begin on April 1, 2024. Practices run from 2:45pm through 4:45pm Mondays through Thursdays along with a couple of Fridays (TBD).

    Must have sports physical on file (good for two years) and registered through Final Forms.

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