• Daily Schedule

    Our Daily Schedule

    8:55 First Bell, Students come to the classroom.

    9:05 Last Bell, Students must be unpacked and ready to learn.

    9:05-9:30 Entry Work, Independent Reading, A.R.

    9:30-10:00 Language Arts (Whole Group)

    10:00-11:00 Language Arts (Small Group Rotations)

    11:00- 11:20 Language Arts Continued (Whole Group)

    11:20-12:20  Math

    12:25-1:00 Lunch and Recess

    1:00-1:30 Math Continued 

    1:30-2:15 Writing, Science, Social Studies, GLAD Themes, Art

    2:15-2:25 Daily Log, Clean Classroom, Pack Up

    2:25-2:40 Afternoon Recess

    2:40-3:25 Specialist

    3:25 Students’ Dismissal