• Odyssey's Teaching Model

    Odyssey has a unique teaching model.  We provide "push-in" services as much as we are able, which means that support teachers are working in the general education classrooms with students, rather than pulling those students out of the classroom.  Students who stay within the classroom and receive differentiated core instruction, rather than being pulled out and receiving a replacement curriculum, tend to make more progress over time.

    Students who generally need more support, such as students with Individualized Education Plans or are English Language Learners, are clustered in classrooms together.  We call these IEP Cluster Classrooms and Shelter English Model Classrooms. This makes providing their services easier, since they are together in one classroom as opposed to being scattered in several classrooms.

    All students who are performing in the Tier II or Tier III levels (students performing below grade level) receive Title and LAP services, provided by teachers who are funded specifically for this purpose.  Differentiated instruction is provided in reading and math for these students throughout the school day.  On-going formative and summative assessments and teacher observation provide detailed information to monitor student growth and areas of concern.  This information is used to drive and adapt instruction to meet the academic need of each individual student.

    Additionally, a school wide intervention plan has been developed to provide intensive instruction in reading for students below grade level. Click here to read a more detailed description of Odyssey's Reading Intervention Program.

    Support Services team members collaborate and plan with classroom teachers to best meet the needs of the students.