Communications and Public Relations

  • Boy sitting and working with marker and paper The role of the Communications and Public Relations Department is to provide families, staff, lawmakers and the community with easy-to-understand information about the school district, including its successes and challenges.

    We also gather input from families, staff and communities to help in district decision-making and planning. 
    We use several strategies to accomplish this:
    • Maintain an open dialogue with families and the community to create and maintain relationships.
    • Use multiple communication tools, including print newsletters, e-newsletters, social media and e-flyers to reach families and staff with district information, events, and resources to better support students.
    • Gather feedback from families, community, staff and students through surveys and community events to help in district planning. 
    • Celebrate and share the success of Mukilteo School District, students and employees.

    Diane Bradford

    Mary Wastman
    Administrative Assistant

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