• Keys to Success

    Here's some tips for success in French class.

    Come to class prepared to learn with spiral notebook, textbook, and assignments in hand

    Be attentive during instruction and follow directives conscientiously
    Take an active part in classroom activitiesTake advantage of your teacher's help and the Homework Center

    Hints for Learning French!

    It is usually very easy to understand your native language or mother tongue. It is a bit more problematic to understand a second language that is new to you.   Following are some general hints to keep in mind.

    When you are listening to a person speaking French, don’t try to understand every word. Listen for the general message. If some details escape you, it doesn’t matter.   Also, never try to translate what people are saying in French into English. It takes a great deal of experience and expertise to be a translator.   Trying to translate will hinder your ability to understand.

    Just as you will not always understand every word you hear in a conversation, you will not necessarily understand every word you encounter in a reading selection, either. You will most certainly come across some unfamiliar words. Do not stop reading. Continue to read to get the “gist” of the selection. Try to guess the meanings of words you do not know.

    Try to be as accurate as possible when speaking.   Try not to make mistakes. However if you do, it’s not the end of the world.   French people will understand you. You’re not expected to speak a language perfectly after a limited time.   You have probably spoken with people for other countries who do not speak English perfectly, but you can understand them.   Remember: Keep talking! Don’t become inhibited for fear of making a mistake.   And: Say what you know how to say. Don’t try to branch out in the early stages and attempt to talk about topics or situations you have not yet learned in French.   It won’t be long before you’ll be able to talk about many things in French. Bon Voyage!