• Club Constitution

    Written: 10/6/99    Amended    6/5/07                                        

    Advisor: Janet Wheeler        

    1990-2000 Officers: Pres: Greg Fraser ,VP: Carmen Fridell,   Sec: Emily Ehrmin ,   Trs: Tiffany McReynolds

    2006-2007 Officers: Pres: Jennifer Hampton, Sec: Vinh Trinh, Trs: Alicia Elwood

    ARTICLE I:  The name of this group shall be:  The MHS Club de Francais

    ARTICLE II:  The reason this group exists is to:

                                promote and expand knowledge of the French culture;

                               experience cultural activities from a variety of sources from the French speaking world;

                               meet together with a group of peers who share a mutual interest in the Francophone world.

    ARTICLE III:  The group's governing body and its duties consist of:

    President:         shall attend and lead Club meetings & activities;

                               lead planning and promotion of club activities;                            act as link between Club advisor and members;                             represent the Club in school and at Rep Council.                             

    Vice President:            shall attend and help lead Club meetings;

                                           help plan, promote, and attend activities;                                         represent Club when Pres. is unavailable

     Tresorier:            shall attend Club meetings;

                                  help track Club fund-raising and spending;                               help plan, promote and attend activities.

    Secretaire:            shall attend Club meetings;

                                   prepare agenda and record minutes for meetings;                                help plan, promote and attend activities;                                help distribute information to Club members.

     ARTICLE IV:   Membership of this group shall consist of:

                       any current MHS student who wants to participate, who wants to expand his/her knowledge of French culture.

      The members of this group shall not be limited:

    >to students currently enrolled in French; >to a certain number of students.

      1. A student interested in becoming a member of this group shall express interest and contact the Club advisor.

      2. Members shall maintain good membership standing if they consistently attend Club activities, and participate in club fundraising.

      3. The Club shall retain the right to rescind membership to any member who acts in disregard of the Respect Policy in connection with any Club activity.

     4. Members shall participate in club activities which include:  regular French Club meetings, taking place on alternate Tuesdays, fundraising activities, occasional social activities after school or evenings, and possible weekend activities.

    ARTICLE V:            Officers to preside in the fall shall be elected each school year in the last month of the school year.  

                1. Officer positions are limited to juniors and seniors only, except in the case where there are fewer than two upperclassmen showing an interest in the position.

                2. Officer terms run one school year.

                3. At the second to last meeting of any school year, officer positions and duties shall be discussed and those eligible students interested shall nominate themselves to the advisor at or directly following this meeting.

                4. At the last meeting of the school year, candidates will introduce themselves as potential officers, and a vote will directly follow candidate introductions.

                5. The vote will be silent.  The advisor will tally the votes and the candidate with the most votes in each position shall be deemed officer and be informed of his/her new position.      

                6. In the event of an officer having to vacate office during the course of the year, the election process will be repeated for that office alone. The Club will be notified within two weeks of  the vacancy, and any eligible and interested members in the office shall be included in the election.

                7. In the event of an elected officer not fulfilling their duties, s/he shall be served notice of probation.  If said officer continues to neglect the duties of the office, s/he will be removed from office. Current officers will be given the option to advance to the open position, and an election will be held among general membership to fill the position that remains.

    ARTICLE VI:            Meetings shall be run by the president in collaboration with the other officers of the club.

                1.  Parliamentary procedures will not necessarily be followed, although an agenda shall be shared with the members at the beginning of the meeting and courtesy will be granted to any and all members who wish to communicate regarding agenda items.

                2. The Club shall work toward concensus regarding decisions to be made by Club members.

                3. A meeting shall be held when there is a minimum of 5 members present.

    ARTICLE VII:     The constitution shall be proposed before the ASB student council for approval. 

    ARTICLE VIII:            Changes in the constitution shall be proposed to the Club officers and shall be discussed among  membership, voted upon by the officers, and if  approved by consensus, shall be presented to the ASB  student council for approval.