• Class Info

    Dear Parents,       

    WELCOME TO ENDEAVOUR! I am delighted to be your child’s teacher.  I look forward to the opportunity of working with your child and you this year. I hope this letter will help you to know what to expect in first grade this year and answer any questions you may have.

    It will be exciting to work with you and your child.  I will be communicating with you by phone, in person, monthly newsletters, notes, and conferences. You can reach me after school at (425) 366 - 2800. My e-mail address is mailto:meyerdm@mukilteo.wednet.edu


    Children will master information and make discoveries in a safe and positive atmosphere to help them reach their full potential. Students will get the resources they need to be successful, including a teacher who is committed to their social and emotional well – being. The students will learn attitudes and feelings in first grade that will positively shape their whole school experience.


    During the year I will talk with you more about these goals, but you will see them in the day to day activities and projects that we work on.

    1.        To help build and develop a strong, positive self – image in each and every child.  Children need to feel good about themselves and have self– confidence in order to learn.  I am a strong believer in pointing out the good things the children do.

    2.        To help children develop self- responsibility for their work and their behavior.  We always say, “I think I can!” and “I’m going to try.”  We give each other put – ups, never put – downs.

    3.      Reading and Language Arts will be taught as a whole language activity.  This includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, reading skills such as phonics and comprehension. 

    4.      Children are unique and special.  They learn at different paces and in different ways, yet we can all learn from each other.  I expect each student to do the best that they can.

    5.      Our class is a large family.  We work and learn as a team and care about each other.  We will do many activities with a cooperative partner.  In the real world, we all work together with others.  The same is true for children.  Learning to work together is a lifetime social skill.

    6.      Our classroom belongs to all of us – parents, children and myself.  Parents are welcome in our class to visit, help and play.  You are an important part in your child’s learning.


    Dianne Meyer