2024-25 Budget reductions

  • Many public school districts across the state continue to be affected by several factors that impact their funding. We shared the background last year when we had to reduce the district's 2023-24 school year general budget by nearly $24 million. The main factors are reduced enrollment since the pandemic and inadequate state funding.  

    To help balance the budget, the district first looked at where we could reduce supplies, materials, subscriptions and other non-employee costs. We then looked at staffing across the district as that is the largest part of the district's general budget.

    2023-24 school year reductions: 

    • Materials and services: $7.5 million
    • Non-school based staff: $8.1 million
    • School-based staff: $7.7 million

    We are in a similar situation this year and must reduce the 2024-25 general budget up to $6.9 million to align our expected spending with anticipated revenue. The district gathered input from staff, students, families and community members to help guide budget-related decisions for next year. District staff presented a Reduced Educational Program to the board on March 26.