• As part of our commitment to supporting the well-being of staff, students and their families, we administer the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) surveys to students twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. It is optional, but it is highly encouraged as it will provide valuable data to help gather perceptions and needs to improve support for students.

    Students in grades 2-12 will have the opportunity to take the survey. Students in grades 2-5 can have the questions read to them through the survey.  

    Student information is anonymous. 

    Families may preview the student questions below and have the option to opt their student out of the survey. Information about opting out of the survey will be sent through ParentSquare.

    Grade 2-3 Questions


    • I like this school.
    • I have friends at school.
    • I know how to ask for help from an adult at school.

    Safe Environment

    • My teacher believes that I can learn.
    • I feel safe when I am in school.
    • I feel safe during recess


    • I like to try new things.
    • I feel sad.
    • I feel afraid.
    • I am worried.


    • I can learn the things my teacher shows me.
    • I enjoy learning at school.
    • I can keep up with what is being taught.


    • I can calm myself down when I am excited or upset.
    • I am good at sharing my ideas.
    • I have trouble working alone.

    Social Awareness

    • I feel bad when someone gets their feelings hurt.

    Social Engagement

    • I like to work with other students.
    • I join in with class activities.
    • It is hard to pay attention in class.
    • I am glad to see my friends.

    Social Management

    • I have trouble waiting my turn.
    • I get along with other students.
    • It is hard to pay attention in class.
    • I am glad to see my friends.

    Supportive Environment

    • My teacher cares about me.
    • My teacher helps me when I don't understand something.
    • I understand what I am supposed to do in class.

    Grade 4-12 Questions

    Belonging and Identity:

    • This school has effective equity practices for all.
    • I feel proud of my school.
    • In my school, I feel that I belong to a group of friends.
    • There is at least one adult in this school I can talk to if I have a problem.
    • I feel good about my cultural or ethnic background.

    Critical Thinking

    • I like to imagine new ways to do things.
    • When my solution to a problem is not working, I try to figure out what went wrong.
    • I think of more than one solution when I have a problem.
    • I am good at figuring out the best solution to problems I am facing.
    • I solve problems by first breaking them into smaller steps.  

    Future Orientation

    • I am good at staying focused on my goals.
    • I know I will graduate from high school.
    • I have a plan for what I want to do after high school.
    • I am hopeful about my future.


    • I am a hard worker.
    • I finish whatever I begin.
    • Setbacks don't discourage me.

    Interpersonal Skills

    • Students are involved in solving problems at this school.
    • My teacher(s) often tell me how I am doing in their class.
    • Adults in this school help me plan and set goals for my future.
    • I am respectful of others at this school.
    • I work well in a group or team.
    • I can communicate effectively to a variety of people (audiences).
    • I can discuss a problem with a friend without making it worse.
    • I feel bad when someone gets their feelings hurt.
    • I am comfortable interacting with people from a different racial or ethnic background.

    Sel-Efficacy and Mindsets

    • It's important to me that I improve my skills this year.
    • I can learn the things taught in school.
    • What we do in school will help me succeed in life.
    • How smart I am is something that I can change.
    • I try even if I might fail.

    Self Managment

    • I work hard at school.
    • I concentrate on my schoolwork.
    • I pay attention to how I feel.
    • I can resist doing something when I know I should not do it.
    • I can calm myself down when I am excited or upset.

    Supportive Learning Environment

    • I feel safe at this school.
    • The rules about behavior are equally applied to all students in this school.
    • I enjoy coming to this school.
    • Most students are respectful of others at this school.
    • In this school, there is at least one adult who knows and cares about me.
    • The work I do at this school is useful and interesting to me.
    • Student success is celebrated in this school.
    • The rules against bullying are enforced by all adults in this school.

    Clear and Shared Focus

    • In my classes, students are busy doing schoolwork.
    • My teacher(s) believe student learning is important.
    • This school is doing a good job of preparing me to succeed in life.

    Effective Leadership

    • My teacher(s) listen to my ideas and/or concerns.
    • In class we often work with other students to solve a problem/do a task.
    • If I want to talk with my teacher(s), they are available to me.
    • The principal of this school believes student learning is the #1 priority.
    • Our school engages in difficult conversations about race, gender, oppression and discrimination.
    • At our school we talk about race, gender and discrimination.**  
    • My teacher(s) help me learn in more ways than the teacher just talking in front of the class.
    • I often see the principal or administrators around the school talking to students.

    High Expectations and Standards

    • My teacher(s) expect me to do my best.
    • My teachers(s) provide lessons and activities that challenge me to learn.
    • My teacher(s) expect all students to succeed, no matter who they are.
    • I understand the expectations at this school.
    • All students have access to rigorous courses and support.
    • Student placement in advanced classes is not influenced by race, gender, or socioeconomic status.*
    • Students of all races and genders have the same chance for special classes, activities and rewards.**

    Monitoring of Teaching and Learning

    • My teacher(s) ask questions of all students, not just some students.
    • My teacher(s) find other ways for me to learn things I find difficult.
    • My teacher(s) tell me the purpose for each lesson or activity.
    • My teacher(s) help me to learn by challenging me with interesting activities in class.

    Parent and Community Involvement

    • This school communicates with my family about how I am doing.
    • My parents/family feel welcome to visit this school.
    • This school respects student differences.

    *Item included for secondary students only (grade 6-12)

    **Item included for elementary students only (grades 4-5)