Bias Incident Reporting

  • As part of our commitment to equity, belonging and creating a safe place in which to learn and work, the district offers a bias incident reporting tool. This tool is intended for staff, students and families. 

    What is a Bias Incident?

    A bias incident is any hostile expression that may be motivated by another person’s protected class. Bias incidents can be verbal, physical, or visual, and can target someone in a protected class, a family member, or even someone incorrectly perceived to be in a protected class.

    Who is part of the protected class?

    According to federal law, especially since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, there are 10 classes or categories of people that are legally protected from discrimination. These classes consist of the following:

    Protected classes include age (over 40), race, color, disability, religion/faith, sex, national origin or ancestry, disability, genetic information, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

    Examples of Bias Incidents:

    • Using a racial, ethnic, or other slur to identify someone; or using degrading language.
    • Creating racist or derogatory graffiti or images/drawings.
    • Imitating someone with a disability or imitating someone’s cultural norm or practice.
    • Threatening to physically harm a person, their family, or their property based on their perceived protected class.

    How do I report an incident?

    Staff, students and families are encouraged to work with their supervisor/school administrator to address concerns. Many concerns can be resolved with the parties closest to the situation or with a supervisor’s assistance. However, the Bias Incident Reporting Form is a more formal way to report an incident that may be reoccurring or highly egregious/extreme.

    Bias incident reporting forms:

    English      Spanish      Arabic      Korean      Russian      Ukrainian      Vietnamese

    If you need translations beyond the above languages, please contact

    If you need help with the forms or have questions, please contact

    May I report an incident anonymously?  

    Yes. To increase the likelihood that students, staff and families will submit reports, and that staff can gather as complete information about an incident as possible, the form may be submitted anonymously. However, we cannot respond to anonymous reporters to provide feedback or information, but we welcome the information for our collective knowledge. Since staff are mandatory reporters of student-related concerns, they may not report a student-related incident anonymously.

    What happens after I report an incident?

    Your report will be received by Human Resources staff. Depending on the nature of the incident, it will be routed to the appropriate staff person who will contact the person who reported the incident based on the contact information submitted in the form. The district's response my include, but is not limited to: 

    • Individual outreach to affected party
    • Connecting affected parties to relevant resources
    • Tracking of incident(s)
    • Removal of graffiti or flyers
    • Educational workshops or seminars
    • Starting proceedings under applicable policies and procedures

    Not sure my concern fits the bias incident definition?

    If you feel your concern doesn’t fit the bias incident definition after reading this information, you can report other concerns in the following ways: