Budget surveys

  • One way the district gathered budget-related thoughts and values from people was through an online ThoughtExchange, which allowed participants to share their thoughts about budget priorities and rate others' thoughts. Students, staff, families and community members were invited to participate from Feb. 10-27 and the exchange was available in many languages. 

    You can explore the themes of the exchange in this graph.

    The thoughts were reviewed and themed and were used to identify more specific programs and services to include in a follow-up survey which launched March 8. It was also open to students, staff, families and community members. The summary results from the second budget survey reflected (based on weighted average) that some of the highest priorities include individual supports for students, mental and behavioral support, and safety and security.

    In addition to the above-mentioned surveys, the district also met with several family groups, the district Budget Advisory Committee, and gathered the comments and questions shared during the Community Budget Forum.