• ACES Parents & Guardians - Getting Involved


    ACES values the contributions of all parents, guardians, and families toward creating a rich, equitable educational community that supports each of our students to graduate and reach their potential.

    Did you know that family engagement is also correlated with higher grades, better attendance, and increased motivation for your students? Everyone wins when families participate in their kids’ education! 

    See below for current opportunities and let us know if you have skills and ideas to contribute. Contact our Family Liaison for more information or support to get involved. 


    We welcome parents and guardians to volunteer! Ways you can support ACES with your time, resources, and ideas:

    • Help plan celebrations and events

    • Decorate, beautify, and improve campus

    • Share your career with students

    • Organize staff appreciation initiatives

    • Support after-school activities

    • Chaperone student events

    • Raise money to support students, events, and campus improvements

    • Supervise lunchtime

    • Advocate for our students in the district and the community

    If you have an idea, or just an interest, please reach out to our family liaison.

    [Volunteers working on-campus or directly with students must be cleared by the district prior to volunteering. See the district volunteer page for more information and to download an application in your native language, or you can pick up a copy at school.] 


    We stock the ACES Resource Room in the library with warm clothes, food and snacks, toiletries, and more to ensure that kids have what they need to show up in class ready to learn. We always welcome donations of:

    • Non-perishable, easy to prepare foods (cereal, oatmeal, canned soup, fruit cups, Cup Noodle, macaroni & cheese)

    • Healthy snacks

    • Clothing in new or gently-used condition in all adult sizes

      • Jackets

      • Sweatshirts/Hoodies

      • Casual pants

      • Shoes

      • Gloves, mittens, and hats

      • Socks and underwear (new only, please)

    Wish List

    The ACES staff have a number of wish list needs for our school and classes! You may even have some of these things laying around looking for a new home. Here's our current wish list:

    • pickleball paddles for gym class (need 10-17 of them, similar to this, but will take any number/type of paddles in good condition.)
    • plastic bowling balls for gym class (need 4) 
    • plastic bowling pin set for gym class (need 1)
    • small home/office lamination machine and laminating pouches
    • benches of any size (for kids to sit on outside)
    • picnic table
    • exterior paint (bright colors or white/primer)
    • 1/2" or 3/4" plywood
    • extra long lock (MasterLock with a longer shank)
    • big or small river rock (smooth stones)
    • quickcrete
    • stepping stone forms or old, large, interesting-shaped baking pans
    • glass kiln, any size

    Parent Advisory Board

    Parents, guardians, and families: we want your input! What does the ACES community need to grow and support all our students and families better? If you are interested in meeting with our principal roughly once a month throughout the year as part of a parent advisory group, please sign up here or contact Blake directly at (425) 366-3920.