• Mukilteo School District’s budget is the written expression of how the district will utilize limited resources to achieve the goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan and community priorities. Budget development occurs throughout the year, starting in the late Fall and culminating in August with adoption by the Board of Directors.  This complex process relies upon several avenues of input from various stakeholders including students, staff, administration, legislative outcomes, key communicators and community members.

Budget Timeline

  • November-December
    Review current school year enrollment trends and begin baseline forecasting for next year enrollment projections. Monitor permitting of construction and development projects for estimates of localized school impacts and timeline of anticipated growth.

    Departments and categorical programs prepare any mandatory increases and enhancement/reduction requests for district review. Review and adjust enrollment projections by school by grade. Develop staffing allocations.

    Prepare preliminary revenues projections based on enrollment and departmental input. Monitor legislative session for legislative impacts and unfunded mandates. Categorical and CTE preliminary school staffing allocation established. Board updated on timeline, legislative review and enrollment projections. Budget Advisory Committee meets to discuss priorities and alignment with strategic vision.

    Departments review and verify staffing allocations. Preliminary staffing by school by grade shared with Principals. Executive Directors review budget requests from buildings and departments and submits requests to Business Services to review.

    Superintendent’s Cabinet reviews budget re-allocations requests and makes preliminary recommendations. Board update on the budget progress. Preliminary budget submitted for review by the Educational Service District 189.

    Preliminary budget recommendation submitted to the Board for consideration and feedback. Superintendent presents final recommendations to the Board followed by a public hearing and budget adoption. Budget certified by Superintendent and submitted to OSPI.

District Budget

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