• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. How many books may I check out at a time?

    A. You may checkout 3 books at a time, but I suggest you let the pace of your reading decide and also your level of responsibility.

    Q. How long can I keep what I checkout before it's overdue?

    A. Every item is due 2 weeks after it's been checked out, but you have the option to renew it for another 2 weeks.

    Q. Do I need to bring my book to renew it.

    A. Yes!

    Q. May I checkout without my student ID?

    A.  Yes, we now have a keypad you may use to type in your ID .

    Q. Why has my hold request been cancelled?

    A. You may have an overdue book(s), or you're at your maximum check out of 3 items.

    Q. If you hold a book behind the desk for me, how long will it be available?

    A. We will hold it for you until the end of the next school day.  After that it will go back on the shelf.

    Q. What are the hours of the library?

    A. We're opened during the school day only.  There are times to visit the library according to our A or B Week.  See library bulletin board for schedules.

    Q. If I have a book checked out and I see it needs repair, is it okay for me to repair it?

    A. No,  although I appreciate your desire to repair the damage, the average home or even classroom doesn't have the proper supplies for book repair.  When you try to repair it with what you have, you do more harm.  Please tell me about the damage and allow me to repair it.

    Q.  Who works in the library?

    A.  Mrs. Cheryl Jackson is the Librarian, Ms. Hodapp is the Library para and there are 8th grade student library aides most periods.

    Q. How can I become a student library aide?

    A.  Becoming a student library aide is an elective that you can chose as an 8th grader. Talk with Mrs. Jackson and your counselor when planning your class schedule for 8th grade.

    Q. If I have a fine can I return the items and the fine will be removed?

    A. Yes, if you returned the item(s) in the same condition you checked them out.  

    Q. Can I replace a book I've lost or damaged with another copy of that same item?

    A. Yes, as long as the items is new or in good condition.  You must see Mrs. Jackson to make this arrangement.