Draft goals and strategies

  • A Strategy Advisory Team has been working to summarize, synthesize and prioritize input from students, families, staff, and community partners as well as district data. They have created a draft outline for the strategic plan and would appreciate your feedback on the goals and strategies for each goal. Please review the following and participate in the ThoughtExchange to share your level of agreement for each section and share any other thoughts about the draft components. The ThoughtExchange is open through June 19 and is available in many languages.

  • Goal 1: Create a culture of trust and belonging that supports students to thrive, learn and grow.

  • Goal 2: Establish high expectations, rigor, and equity of access to opportunities and outcomes for all students.

  • Goal 3: Build a culture of individual and collective responsibility for all students' success.

  • Goal 4: Build efficient district systems and processes that support equity, efficiency and continuous improvement.