Strategic Plan overview

  • Mukilteo School district is embarking on a journey to develop a strategic plan, something the district hasn’t had in many years. Strategic planning is a process organizations use to prioritize efforts to best achieve their goals. We have been working with an outside company to guide the process. Once complete, the strategic plan will outline clear goals, strategies, and milestones of success to help align our efforts to support students in their academic and social-emotional growth. District Strategy and Project Management Director Marcel Hauser is facilitating this work, but staff, current and past students, families and community partners are important voices in co-creating the plan.

    One way people participated in the development of the district’s strategic plan was by sharing their thoughts through a ThoughtExchange. Participants shared one or multiple thoughts in response to the question, “What are the most important skills and experiences our students need to prepare them for success in learning and life?” They viewed and rated other people’s thoughts. The exchange was available in over 50 languages. It was open to all students, staff, families and community members. You can see the thoughts and themes that surfaced in the exchange in this interactive online report.


    • Critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Collaboration

    We also conducted in-depth interviews with staff, students, families and community partners who represent different populations, geographical regions and perspectives from throughout the district. The responses provided rich and varied feedback about the district.


    • Trust, culture, respect
    • Distribution of resources
    • Family and community engagement and communication
    • Staff support and engagement
    • Student well-being and belonging
    • Value of diversity
    • Vision
    • Student opportunities and outcomes
    • Service and agility

    The current phase of the process is distilling the feedback from many sources and drafting the top priorities and strategies on which district staff should focus. The draft priorities and strategies will be shared with various audiences for feedback and eventually presented to the school board.