School security



    For purposes of promoting and maintaining a safe environment, protection of district property, and deterrence and prevention of criminal activity and conduct violations, the Mukilteo School District utilizes more than 500 video cameras on its school grounds and additional cameras in district-provided school buses. Students, parents, staff, volunteers, and visitors may be videotaped while on school grounds or in district-provided school buses. Further information on the use of video cameras can be found in Board Policy 9321.


    Exterior doors remain locked during the school day. Classroom door locks have been upgraded to allow quicker response during lockdown situations. Building access controls and enhanced perimeter fencing are being implemented throughout the district.


    Identification Badges – All staff are required to wear visible identification. Staff are also encouraged to challenge anyone not doing so.

    Upgraded PA System – Integrated system that provides everyday communications as well as automated emergency notifications.

    Gaggle – Real-time content analysis and around-the-clock alerts to identify and support struggling students.

    RAVE – Instantly communicates emergencies to 911, on-site staff, and first responders for an integrated and immediate response.