• Bus Driver Profiles

    Tami Archambault

    Tami lost her job during the shut down for COVID 19 and she says that is a blessing.  She had been thinking about changing careers and her Mom drives school bus for us.  When the opportunity arose, Tami jumped in and never looked back.  Tami loves her students and she feels that she is a positive influence in their lives.  Tami has lots of interests including her family, animals, and anything to do outdoors.  She bakes cookies for the Transportation team from time to time and they are a big hit.

    Ceara Bakke

    Ceara was looking for a job that gave her a sense of purpose – that she was doing something more worthwhile than her previous career in the wine industry.  Ceara is glad she made the switch.  She loves the daily interactions she experiences with the kids on the bus.  Ceara has a German Shepard dog she parents, and enjoys reading, and riding her motorcycle when not working.

    Kymberly Baldwin

    Kymberly was an office manager when she decided to look for something that would allow her to spend more time with her children.  She loves bus driving because of well, everything.  She likes the flexibility and that she has time now to attend the U of W now that her kids are grown.  When not working, Kymberly loves traveling around the world.

    Far Banibashar

    Far was an Aerospace engineer and a Database programmer before joining out team.  A friend kept telling Far to apply for a school bus driver because the co-workers are so good and it is fun to drive bus.  Far loves the kids and his co-workers and he loves being outdoors with changing scenery while being protected from the elements.  Far keeps up on the news because it relates to all of our lives.  Far has a great sense of humor and always has a smile on his face.  Besides being fluent in English, Far also speaks Farsi and is learning the Korean language.  Far enjoys learning how to say hello in many different languages.

    Richard Benefiel

    Richard chose to become a school bus driver because he likes working with kids and likes driving commercial vehicles, so this is the best of both worlds for him. Before bus driving, Richard drove a fuel tanker truck.  Richard loves knowing he is safely transporting the most precious cargo on earth.  Richard’s favorite book is The Big Short by Michael Lewis about the government interference in the housing market.  When not working, Richard enjoys golfing, movies, and experiencing new adventures with his wife and two kids.

    Keith Borg

    Keith is a semi retired business owner who was looking for something where he could stay involved with his community and kids.  He loves the kids in the morning with their unblemished and positive attitudes as they board his bus.  One of his favorite books is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  It is a book about survival and Keith finds it inspiring.  Hobbies?  Oh yes.  There is golf and playing bass guitar.

    Amber Bowers

    Amber enjoys working with children and loves driving a bus.  She also loves the work hours that allow her to spend a lot of time with her own children.  Her favorite thing is seeing the students smile and hearing them giggle.  Amber has a diverse work background that includes landscaping and office work.  When not driving Amber is a lover of the Great outdoors and likes being with her family, and animals.

    Allen Bringard

    Allen has driving in his blood coming from a background of hauling all types of materials in the trucking industry. But the hours became long, and the job became stressful, and he wanted more time at home and less time on the road.  So he joined our Transportation team and is very glad he did.  He loves the people he works with.  He considers himself “semi-retired” and gets to spend more time with his wife watching movies, and doing all kinds of things with his family.

    Krista Bryson

    Krista worked in a dental office doing billing and she wanted to do something she loved:  Driving and working with kids.  What better job than a school bus driver?  Krista loves getting to know her kids and developing relationships where Krista can be a positive influence.  Krista enjoys reading the bible because she believes there are truths in there for any given time.  When not working, Krista enjoys her family and friends, and she is a crocheting machine.

    Tony Calague

    Tony chose to drive bus so he could have his summers off and he can vacation with his family.  Tony feels he makes an important accomplishment by bringing students safely to and from school.  Tony worked for UPS prior to joining the Mukilteo team.  Tony gets a lot of peace from reading the bible.  When not working, Tony loves to cook and repair things like cars.  He enjoys walking and loves to travel.

    Linda Carlson

    Linda loves driving big vehicles and after meeting her, you will agree that is the only job for her.  Linda has always driven a big bus, joining us from King County Metro.  Linda envelopes you in confidence and you just feel safe with her.  Linda loves her teammates and working for Mukilteo.  When she is not driving her bus, she is driving a travel trailer with her partner and maintaining 10 acres of land.

    Susana Castro-Lopez

    Susana was a dental assistant before choosing a career in public education.  Susana loves meeting her students from different countries and hearing their stories about how they arrived in America.  Susana remembers a little boy who was so scared to ride her bus because she was a new bus driver, and they were fast friends soon after.  Susana is always sad when the school year ends because she misses her students.  Susana enjoys watching movies with her family and traveling to places like Mt. Rainier to connect with nature. 

    Anand Chandra

    Anand was a quality control manager at a specialty glass company before switching gears in his career.  Anand works with glass creating beautiful dishes and bowls with beautiful colors.  He chose to be a bus driver because of the good pay and he lives in the District, so he is close to home where he creates his glass pieces.  Anand’s favorite part about driving a school bus is interacting with the students, parents, and teachers.  Anand enjoys people.

    Carl Colburn

    Carl is unique – one of a kind – eclectic – with a fabulous sense of humor he loves to share with his students.  Living on Orcas Island, Carl was challenged to drive a school bus and he fell in love with the job.  Carl shares his love of International Tartan day by wearing a kilt to work.  His favorite book is “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding because, in Carl’s words, “you should always know the first signs of trouble on a school bus.”  But don’t let any of this fool you.  Carl’s priorities are a safe and friendly bus.  Off work, Carl enjoys making barley and hops tea and listening to music.

    Bob Comeau

    Bob was a Bellhop for the Westin Hotel for 40 years.  After retirement he started driving semi trucks.  Bob had some experience with school bus driving; his wife drove for the Edmonds SD for a few years.  Bob finds school bus driving challenging and it keeps him sharp.  He loves his positive contacts with his students.  Bob likes to read action thriller books and he is an avid racquet ball player and really loves all sports.  He’s a man of many talents including gardening, hiking and kayaking.

    Cecilia Cortes

    Cecilia has been in the customer service industry all of her working life, so she brings a lot of experience working with public to her bus driving career.  Cecilia really enjoys being with kids – she has a couple of her own and a grandson – and the time off in the summer is pretty nice too.  Cecilia also enjoys the teamwork among her fellow drivers and how well they all work together to get kids to and from school safely.  I asked Cecilia what her favorite book was and she said too many to mention.  When not working, Cecilia likes to travel, garden, hike, and most of all spend time with family and friends.

    Angie Cottrell

    Angie chose to drive a school bus way back in 2000 so she could have summers off to be home with her own children.  Angie loves driving and being around kids.  She gets a lot of energy from them and they give her joy.  Angie is very competent and she builds relationships with her students and is a positive influence.  Off work, Angie likes to go on long drives and spend time with her grandchildren. 

    Terry Cox

    Terry retired from GTE after 31 years as a Product Management Staffer.  Terry feels he will always work and driving school buses allows him the best of both worlds - working and having free time in his retirement.  Terry is very fit.  He loves getting to know his students and their families and his genuine care of people shows through.  Terry’s favorite book is “The Coffee Chased Us Up” by Elof Norman.  It is a book about a boy growing up in Monte Cristo, Washington.   Terry is an avid sailor and he takes his beloved Belle-Vie out and about in the Northwest waters of Western Washington and British Columbia as often as he can.

    Roze Cram

    Roze was a secretary in a machine shop and her hours were cut, so she thought learning to drive a bus would fit in nicely with her new secretary hours.  She fell in love with driving and soon was no longer a secretary.  Roze loves all the people she works with, but especially the kids she gets to know.  She is very caring and communicates well with families about what goes on during the bus ride.  In addition to her professional job, Roze loves spending time with her Grandchildren and hanging out with her many friends and she enjoys shopping and eating ice cream.  Roze has been driving a school bus for over 21 years.

    Jaime Cullum

    Jaime is an interesting man.  Active duty in the Air force for 11 years and retired from BF Goodrich as an airplane mechanic.  When Jaime joined Mukilteo 18 years ago, he was looking for a well-paying job that allowed him time to raise his children.  Jaime loves the students he transports and is fascinated with all the places they go on field trips.  And having summers off to read, work on his novel and hike with his dog is a definite perk of his job.  One of Jaime’s favorite reads is the series “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

    Terri Drayer

    Terri is competent, friendly, and envelopes you in confidence.  A retired Human Resource Executive at Boeing, Terri chose to join our Transportation team because she enjoys being around kids and felt driving a school bus was a way of giving to her community where she raised her sons.  She loves the variety of the job, her co-workers and of course – the kiddos!  Terri keeps active with biking, kayaking and traveling with family and friends.

    Jodi Echavarria

    Jodi started out wanting to be a nurse, ended up being a bus driver.  Not sure that was a straight road, however, Jodi loves being a bus driver, and we love having her here.  Jodi loves having the holiday breaks and having her summers off.  Jodi feels the Transportation team is full of caring people and she loves the sweet little ones she drives to and from school. 

    Chuck Edelbrock

    Chuck was born to drive.  He retired from 34 years of driving a truck for teamsters before joining our team in 2011.  Chuck loves children – he has 13 grandchildren!  Chuck always greets his students in the morning with a smile and he loves listening to all their stories.  When not driving, Chuck loves reading science fiction, snow skiing and watching his grandkids play sports.  (HINT – He is a big soccer fan)

    Maria Figueroa

    Maria worked in retail and wanted a job that matched her children’s schedule so she could spend more time with them.  In retail, her hours were day, night, weekends, and always changing.  So in 1998, 20 years ago, she became a school bus driver.  Maria loves the freedom she has as a school bus driver and that she is outdoors.  Maria is fluent in Spanish and English and she is always willing help out.  Maria loves shopping and traveling.

    Mike Gale

    Mike likes big rigs of all kinds and he thinks working with children is very rewarding.  Put the two together, and you have a school bus driver.  Mike loves connecting with his students, parents and co-workers and being a positive role model.  Mike used to work in an office and hated being at a desk all day.  Now he has a world for his office.  Mike likes any book by Clive Cussler who brings sea loving adventures to life.  Off work, Mike and his wife like to travel via “road tripping”.  He has a future trip planned to Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

    Dipraj Gautam

    Dipraj likes to drive.  Amazon, Uber and Lyft drivers.  Dipraj served in the Nepal army before coming to the United States.  Dipraj thinks the Mukilteo School District is a great employer and he enjoys the flexibility and great boss.  He enjoys working with the kids and he gets to drive.  His favorite book is “Muna Madan”, by Laxmi Debkota and describes the life of a man who leaves his wife to make money.  Madan represents all the youths of Nepal who go abroad to earn money.  When not working, Dipraj enjoys refreshing and resetting himself, reading books, and playing with his child.

    Tom Gill

    Tom retired as a Production Planner for a biotech company where he planned and scheduled manufacturing operations.  Tom was looking for a good way to help the community and keep busy and he loves the kids, so when he saw our advertisement we were hiring, he took a chance and he is very glad he did.  Tom loves being out in the community and interacting with the kids.  His favorite books are international thrillers

    where the good guys take down the bad guys.  When not working you can find Tom camping with his family, playing his drums, or golfing.

    Carlos Gonzales

    Carlos is from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, and his personality reflects the calm, quiet island lifestyle.  A scaffolding builder for Boeing, Carlos is a problem solver.  Carlos finds school bus driving interesting and he loves the conversations he has with the students.  He learns so much from the students he gets to know.  When not working, Carlos enjoys lifting weights, playing basketball and of course, being a Dad to his three young children.

    Danessa Gonzales

    Danessa used to be a teller manager for a big bank, but she wanted to spend more time with her growing family.  She looked for a job that would allow her to be on the same schedule as her kids.  What could be better than driving a school bus?  Danessa loves meeting a lot of “little” people every year and she loves her work family.  She has a quiet confidence in everything she does that makes you feel safe and well cared for.  Off work, Danessa enjoys creating family memories by doing new things and going new places.  One of her favorite reads is a bestselling novel, the Shack, by William Paul Young.  

    Walter Graham

    Walter likes to drive.  Prior to the yellow school bus, he drove a semi-truck for DHL Express.  Walter chose to drive a school bus because he enjoys working with children.  He greets his students every day with a smile and it makes his day when they smile back.  Walter has grandchildren and enjoys riding bicycles with them.  When not working, you can find Walter fishing.  His favorite books is Washington Fishing by Terry Rudnick because the book is full of good information.

    Cathie Haggerty

    Cathie started driving buses in 1998 while being a stay at home mom with four children.  A friend suggested it would be a good job and she would be able to have the same time off as her children.  Cathie has a naturally warm personality that draws kids to her.  She doesn’t just drive her kids to and from school, she develops relationships and she genuinely falls in love with all of her kids.  Cathie loves to read and everything she reads becomes her latest favorite.  Off work, Cathie values her time with family; especially her nine grandchildren.

    Debi Hansen

    Debi has a diverse background.  She has managed a pet store and was a courier for a medical transcription company.   Debi homeschooled her kids.  When her kids were grown, she decided driving a school bus would fit her lifestyle, giving her lots of time off.  She can’t believe she has been doing this for 20 years now.  Debi’s favorite part of her job 100% is the kids.  Every day is different and filled with adventure.  Debi pays close attention to her students, greeting them every morning with their name and a big smile.  Debi’s experience makes her a leader in the field.

    Don Hatch

    Don is a retired Postmaster for the US Postal Service who wanted to stay busy.  He thought a part time job being able to be around kids would be perfect.  So he embarked on a second career as a school bus driver.  Don really enjoys watching the kids grow and he loves his interactions with the kids on a daily basis.  Off work, Don enjoys outside activities; fishing, camping, motorcycle riding and wood working.  Don’s many interests give him lots to talk about with the students.

    Karen Hatch

    Karen previously worked in property management and did accounting and payroll for their family business.  Finding herself in need of a job, she never considered school bus driving until she saw our help wanted sign.  That was eight years ago and Karen is still enjoying her job.  She loved the kids, parents, fellow drivers and says “it is fun to drive that big yellow bus down the road”.  Karen enjoys gardening, hiking, kayaking, reading and walking her dog, Harley. 

    Julie Holtzlider

    Julie worked in the hospitality industry as a reservationist and front desk supervisor.  After starting a family with two small girls, she wanted something that would give her the same time off as her girls.   School bus driving gave her that flexibility.  Julie loves the kids she transports and works hard to get to know the families so she can give the best customer service possible.  Julie is confident in her abilities and it shows.  When Julie is enjoying her family, she is camping, hiking, and pretty much doing any outdoor activity.  By the way, Julie’s girls are all grown up and doing very well.

    Nai Jones

    Nai chose to be a bus driver because she enjoys working with children and driving a big bus.  Nai is a happy person with lots of patience and she loves to spread her happiness with big smiles.  Nai is also a hair stylist.  Her favorite book is “How to be Healthy” which she says is inspiring to help you live your best life.  When not driving, Nai loves her time with her Grandson, going to the gym and cycling on trails.  Nai likes to cook healthy meals and visit the farmers market as well.

    Joy Kelly

    29 years ago, Joy was looking for a job that had the same schedule as her young daughters.  Joy was going to just sub until her kids were older, but she fell in love with driving a school bus.  Joy loves working with the kids, parents, teachers, even her boss and co-workers.  She loves having summers off.   Joy is a child at heart whose name goes perfectly with her personality.  Favorite book?  My side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.  When not working Joy enjoys dancing, gardening and her grown up family.

    Keon Kim

    Keon joined our team recently because he wanted to serve the community.  Keon enjoys interacting with the students he drives.  We all enjoy Keon’s quick sense of humor. Prior to joining our team, Keon was a teacher at a university in his home country.  Keon likes to watch movies and take walks when not working.

    Jim King

    Jim is a retired engineer who worked for Boeing building Satellite and writing test for the 777 program.  His wife is a bus driver for us, and Jim thought he would enjoy substituting because his schedule could be flexible allowing him to enjoy traveling.  Jim is an airplane pilot and loves to fly, golf with his friends, and road trips.

    Tammy King

    Tammy considers herself lucky she was able to be a stay at home mom before becoming a Resource Aid at an elementary school, and now a school bus driver.  Tammy enjoys working with the children and she loves having summers off to go camping.  Tammy is able to maintain a very safe bus while always being friendly and sporting a smile.  Tammy likes to read The Book of Virtues by William Bennet to her grandchildren because it is a very inspiring book.  In addition to camping, Tammy enjoys working out, gardening, and spending time with her family.

    Chris Knowlton

    Chris became a school bus driver because she needed a job.  But it turns out to be the best thing she has ever done.  She loves her co-workers and all the students and parents she has gotten to know during her career.  Chris says the kids make her day!  Chris is a reader, and her favorite book is the classic Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.  Chris fills her non work time with travel, gardening, and spending time with her family including grandchildren.

    Ken Kromann

    There is not enough room for Mr. Ken’s impressive resume.  He had a military career and was a District Service Manager for a high-tech medical operation.  Mr. Ken and his wife (an elementary school teacher) retired, and his wife continues to substitute, and she suggested Mr. Ken stay out of trouble and get a part time job as a school bus driver.  He says the kids keep him young at heart and he loves driving a big bus and he has plenty of time off to enjoy vacations with his wife.  You can tell he is a five-time Grandparent.  Mr. Ken is a positive influence on his students as they start their day on his bus.

    Joshua Lathrop

    Joshua was born and raised in Hawaii and went into maintenance/custodial work when he moved to Washington.  He switched to driving a school bus because he gets along with kids and loves driving.  As a Dad, Joshua understands how important his role is in helping the students by being another positive role model in their lives.  Joshua likes to have fun and shares his sense of humor with his students.  His favorite book is “The Shack” by William P Young because there is always more going on than we can see.  Off work you can find Joshua on a golf course, playing video games, and checking out restaurants. 

    Larry Lawrence

    Larry has a diverse background.  From a former scuba diving instructor, to a financial analyst at Boeing, we are glad Larry chose to join our team.  Larry’s wife is a school teacher, so he wanted something that matched her schedule and he has now been driving for 11 years.  Larry enjoys the challenge of safely operating a school bus while supervising children.    Larry appreciates the opportunity to share the joy and energy children have.  Larry’s favorite book is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone by JK Rowling.  When Larry is not working he flies stunt kites and goes kayaking.

    Debbie Lindhardt

    Debbie has the best of both worlds.  She gets to interact with children and gets a split shift which works well with the demands on her time.  Debbie says she learns something from her kids every day from silly jokes to how they cope in today’s world.  Debbie was a mom and caregiver, so being a caring nurturer is easy for her.  Debbie is a very kind person who loves gardening, walking her dog, taking trips to the mountains and beach and she is always up for a lively game of cards.

    Dwight Little

    Dwight served in the US Navy before joining the US Postal Service as a letter carrier.  After 28 years he retired, but wanted to keep busy.  Two of our bus drivers encouraged Dwight to join our team and he became a bus driver in 2006.  Dwight loves children and it shows.  He is patient and kind and encouraging to all of his students.  Dwight loves spending time with his family and rumor has it that he plays a round of golf from time to time.

    Jessica Londura

    Jessica is quiet and soft spoken, but don’t underestimate her ability to keep a safe and orderly school bus.  Jessica was a website support technician for public safety candidates before embarking on her school bus driving career.  A Mom herself, Jessica loves being around kids.  Her Dad drove a City bus, so it seemed natural to Jessica to drive a big bus and had kids.  Jessica loves to read and spend time with her own children when not working.

    Shelia Lovell

    Shelia was a driving instructor for high school and thought driving a big school bus would be fun.  She loves the kids and all the different cultures they come from.  She learns so much from them about the world in general.  Her favorite book is “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, by Mitch Albom.  It makes you reflect on your own life.  When not working, you can find Shelia on a hiking trail, or working with arts and crafts.

    Victoria Lucas

    Victoria has a very calm demeanor with a soft, soothing voice.  But don’t let that fool you.  She maintains a safe and orderly bus.  Victoria was a customer service rep for Bank of America before starting her family and becoming a full time Mom.  She loves getting to know her students and their families and she likes the bonus of having summers off.  Victoria loves to read and when asked for her favorite book, she said there was no way to pick just one.  When not driving, Victoria loves spending time outdoors and being with her family and four dogs and six birds. 

    Billie McDugle

    Billie is a big personality!   She has been driving a school bus for 27 years and she calls her bus her outside office.   Billie enjoys her job.  She gets to know every one of her students and she greets them by their name with a big smile every morning.  Billie has a wonderful sense of humor and she makes riding her bus fun. Billie has been married her whole adult life to Jack and they raise and care for a variety of animals such as chickens, pigs, goats, and cows. 

    Betsegaw Messfin

    Messfin emigrated from Ethiopia to the US in 2010 and he loves to serve his community.  Messfin was drawn to driving a school bus because he enjoys spending time with kids.  Before he was a bus driver, Messfin was a nurse.  Messfin loves spending time with his family, working out, and lots of hiking.

    Sharon Morgan

    Sharon needed a part time job and driving a school bus sounded O.K.  She was surprised how much she likes it.  She finds the time she spends with her students to be very interesting and fun.  Prior to bus driving, Sharon was a full-time mom.  Sharon likes to read and one of her favorite books is “Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss.  He creates an enchanting and beautiful world.  Sharon also enjoys gardening and cooking and playing a tourist around Puget Sound.  So many places to see right in our backyard.

    Miriam Morin

    Miriam has had a variety of jobs from house painter, to full time mom to Para-Educator.  Miriam says she loves the kids and the crazy things they say and do.  The students are very entertaining.  Miriam is an avid reader and John Gresham is her favorite author.  She loves murder mysteries.  When not driving a bus, you may see Miriam in her pink leathers riding her motorcycle.  She also enjoys gardening and coffee with friends.

    Rene Moulton

    Rene retired after a career as a flight attendant.  She still wanted to work and she wanted something that allowed her to work with kids.  She joined our team for her second career.  Rene has a very soothing voice and calm demeanor that works so well with children.  The best part of her day is welcoming the kids on the bus and getting them to smile.   She also enjoys watching grow up.  She celebrates their accomplishments.  When not working Rene enjoys working on her property and traveling with friends.

    Wanda Murphy

    Wanda is a hair stylist who likes working with children.  As Wanda’s own kids grew, she felt driving a school bus would be giving back to her community by working with the public school district and helping to keep kids safe.  Wanda has a big smile and loves when the kids smile back at her and she likes having an opportunity to be a positive influence in their lives.  She also loves the flexible hours.  Off work, you can find Wanda spending time with her family and puppy.  She loves working in the yard, camping, summers, and vacation.

    Courtney Lovell

    Courtney is an avid Seahawk fan who loves kids.  Courtney chose to be a bus driver because a school bus driver made a positive impact on her son and she wanted to pay it forward.  Courtney loves children and celebrates their differences and she loves seeing each child shine with their individual talents. Courtney has three kids of her own, ages two to 15.  When not working, Courtney likes the beach and traveling when she can and most of all, spending time with family.  Courtney likes history and biographical books.  One of her favorite books not in her wheelhouse is “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul”, by Jack Canfield, Kimberly Kirberger, and Mark Victor Hansen.

    Doug Noack

    Doug is an old railroad guy.  20 years on the Santa Fe Railroad supervising construction and maintenance of the tracks.  As a second career, Doug chose to drive buses and work with children and he considers himself lucky.  The kids keep him young.  Doug loves the perks of his job that allow him to watch high school athletic events.  Doug is a softie who takes safety of his precious cargo seriously.  Doug is a big reader of books and one of his favorites is “The Mountains Between us” by Charles Martin because it is a story of never giving up.  Doug loves his family and especially his four granddaughters and he has been known to play a round or two of golf from time to time. 

    Angelina Oliver

    Angelina has worked with young adults with disabilities taking them to and from their jobsites.  Angelina had a very nice bus driver as a child and she always thought that would be a good job.  She loves driving her students and having time off for personal things.  Angelina loves the book “Prayers that change things” by Lloyd Hildebrand because it is filled with encouraging stories.  When not driving, you can find Angelina doing word search puzzles and listening to gospel music.  She enjoys spending time with her daughter and grandkids.

    Alan Oster

    Alan had been a Customer Service rep for an automotive and industrial recycling and management service company and was looking for a job that he could close out his working career.  Alan says this is exactly what he needed in this stage of his life.  Alan loves the responsibility and professionalism of bus driving and the ability to communicate with parents and young people.  Alan’s favorite book “In the Eye of the Storm” by Max Lucado, is very inspirational and encouraging.  Alan enjoys walking and talking with his wife and riding his motorcycle.   Alan is a very calm presence in what can be a stressful world. 

    Joe Peterson

    Joe retired from the construction industry and he wanted something in retirement for insurance that didn’t feel like a job.  Joe loves his bus driving hours and the independent nature of the job.  Joe has a dry sense of humor and always has a joke to share.  When Joe is not working, he is fishing, or spending time with his family.

    Jann Peyton

    Jann worked for UPS before joining Transportation 28 years ago.  Jann loves working with kids.  Jann says “Every student is different and I have memories with all of them.  They say and do the cutest things.”  As a grandma, Jann is asked to read the “Magic School bus” to her grandchildren because they believe Jann drives a magic school bus.  When not working, Jann likes spending time at their place in Orondo, Wa on the Columbia river playing in the river on kayaks, paddle boards, and their pontoon boat

    Alison Preusch

    Alison was a dental assistant in the United States Airforce and then was a dental manager at the King County Jail.  Alison really wanted a job that was outside and she loves driving, so it was an easy fit to become a school bus driver.  One of her favorite things about her job is listening to the kids and watching the seasons come and go.  Alison has lots of interests and she keeps busy.  She loves children’s books like Winnie thePooh and Dr. Seuss because they challenge imaginations. Alison love road trips with her husband, eating and cooking, and playing with their dogs.

    Jing Qian

    Jing joins our team from China.  They do not have a transportation system that transports students to and from school in China and Jing was fascinated at our system.  He loves driving big vehicles, and working with the students to create a safe bus.  Jing was a Vice General Manager of a real estate company in China, so this very different for him.  Jing loves the book “The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway because he believes in spirit and hope no matter the situation.  Jing enjoys cooking for his family and traveling the world.

    Craig Rankin

    Craig is soft spoken, quiet and calm.  His big brother drove buses for Seattle Metro, so Craig followed in his footsteps and started his school bus career in Seattle.  Craig likes being out in the community and making connections with the kids.  His favorite book is “Go Up for Glory” by Bill Russel.  It is an autobiography about one of the one of the greatest basketball players the Celtics had.  He also happens to be a hero of Craig.  Craig is known to listen to jazz, play pool, and he likes to jog.

    Mike Reilly

    Mike is a real estate agent in the greater Mukilteo area and he wanted something else to supplement his career.  Mike chose school bus driving for the flexibility in hours, the health benefits, and being able to work in his neighborhood.  Mike enjoys reading historical fiction books when not working.

    Tracy Riddle

    Tracy has always been attracted to driving.  He was a semi-truck driver for 11 years before joining our Transportation team.  It is a job that is close to home and has great benefits.  Tracy loves everything about his job.  Great work environment and he gets to work with children.  When not driving, Tracy values his time with family; especially his son.  He likes to travel.

    Danny Rogers

    Danny spent years as a hotel General Manager, so he is used to dealing with the public and a variety of people.  He likes being around kids and enjoys the opportunity to provide a positive influence, so why not become a school bus driver, Danny asked himself.  Danny helps the students to feel positive about themselves, and he also enjoys being part of a professionally dedicated team of bus drivers focused on safety and efficiency.  Danny loves “Green Eggs and Ham”, by Dr. Seuss because he is still eight years old at heart. 

    Teresa Rowe

    Teresa worked in retail and really enjoyed working with customers.  After 42 years, she was ready for a change and thought driving a school bus would be a great challenge.  Most definitely, her favorite part of the job is the kids because she thinks we can learn a lot from them.  She likes the book “Everything We Didn’t Say”,  by Nicole Baart because it tells a beautiful story.  When not driving kids, Teresa enjoys spending time with her own grandchildren.

    Steve Russell

    Steve has always had a job where he drives.  He chose to join our team because he loves the hours which gives him lots of time with his son.   Steve loves to watch the kids he transports grow through the year.  They start out shy and end up talking all the way through the bus ride by the end of the year.  Steve is a history buff and loves facts and encyclopedias.  When not driving, Steve likes playing with their dogs, and just spending time with his young son.

    Kristina Ryakhovskiy

    Kristina is a soft spoken, gentle soul.  A full time mom, Kristina was looking for something part time.  Her mom drives buses for Community transit and suggested applying at the school district and the rest they say, is history.  She loves communicating with not only the kids, but the parents and teachers as well.  Kristina likes having the same days off as her children so they can spend time together.   Her favorite book matches her personality:  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.  When not working, Kristina enjoys nail art, gardening, working out at the gym, and of course, her family.

    Kathy Safford

    Kathy chose to be a bus driver because she loves children, loves driving and wanted something part time.  Kathy feels she has wonderful support in the department and the kids are awesome!  Kathy previously did office work so this is a big change for her.  Kathy loves Harry Potter books by JK Rowling.  Kathy has lots of interests including hiking, camping, swimming, beach combing, arts and crafts, and baking. 

    Cinthya Salazar Romero

    Cinthya is from Mexico City and speaks Spanish fluently.  She was in the hospitality industry, but she really likes working with kids and she wanted more flexible hours.  Driving a school bus fit her needs and she is loving talking and getting to know the students she transports.  When not working, Cinthya enjoys spending time with her husband, growing children, friends, and dancing.

    Chris Santiago

    Chris’s wife is a school bus driver and she challenged him to become a driver himself.  You see, Chris loves working with kids and he loves his wife, so now he has the best of both worlds.  Chris was a Mortgage Broker and is a select baseball coach and trainer.  Chris likes to empower kids.  He forms genuine relationships and his care really shows through.  Chris is a sports nut who has coached almost every sport under the sun.  I asked Chris what his favorite thing is outside of work.   He replied with big wide grin, “Hanging out with my five kids and beautiful wife.” 

    Debbie Santiago

    Debbie was a real estate broker and a domestic engineer before choosing to be a bus driver.  She was looking for something that was close to home that gave her the flexibility to be available for her family.  Debbie is full of energy and she stays busy and gets a lot of things done.  She is also very caring of her students.  Debbie has a young heart and loves Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling – she stayed up all night to read the entire book.  When not working, you can find Debbie cheering her kids on at sporting events.  She also loves traveling, cooking, gardening and caring for her multitude of pets including chickens. 

    Manal Sawyer

    Manal loves being a school bus driver.  She chose this profession to have the same schedule as her children and she can be home when they are home.  Manal says she learns something new every day on her job.  Prior to her new career, Manal was a hair stylist.  Manal cherishes family time and she loves to cook and watch movies.

    Megan Schoenaerts

    Megan has always worked in an office, and she wanted to make a big change in her life.  Megan joined our team last year and she is loving the move she made.  Her favorite part of the day is her interactions with students.  They lift her up and make her day.  When not working, Megan enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband playing in the garden.   She has a niece and nephew she dotes on and her little secret is a love for reality TV shows.

    Leslie Schumann

    Leslie bustles with energy and it is catching.  Leslie has spent much of her life volunteering in children’s programs, search and rescue operations, volunteer firefighter, and much more.  Leslie has also been a First Aid/CPR instructor.  Leslie chose to become a bus driver after her son left home because she loves working with children.  Her favorite thing about her day is learning new ways to mentor and interact with the students she drives.  Leslie keeps busy with hiking, cooking, sailing, and swimming.

    Marcy Seeber

    Marcy became a school bus driver because she wanted a job that matched her children’s school schedule.  That was over 25 years ago.  Marcy loves working with kids and her kindness shows through with her day-to-day interactions with the students on her bus.  Marcy takes her job seriously and does it well.  She takes pride in the fact she has driven kids to and from school safely for all these years.

    Richard Shand

    Richard has been driving long haul trucks his whole life, so driving a big yellow bus is easy for him.  Richard joined us and he really likes the kids and the people.  Richard says about his job, “There is something different every day”.  When Richard is not driving he enjoys working with wood and watching video games.

    Tim Sharkey

    Tim was a small business owner with over 20 years of working with the disabled.   Tim semi-retired and wanted something that would allow him to stay active and help with benefits and bus driving was perfect for him.  Tim loves working with special needs students.  Tim is always trying to learn things.  His favorite reading materials are reference books.  Tim continues to make custom items and has to do a lot of research.  When Tim is not working, you can find him driving to a new adventure whether it is ocean, desert, or mountain.  Tim also enjoys exploring, fishing, hiking, and photography.

    Darrell Shepard

    Darrell was in sales and thought it would be fun to drive a big bus.  Turns out he was right.  It is fun.  And the bonus is interacting with the students he transports.  Darrell likes to read and one book he enjoyed was The Drivers, by James A Michener.  The book inspired Darrell to backpack around Europe and run with the bulls when he was a younger man.  When not working, Darrell enjoys music – he sings and plays guitar.

    Cody Shurtz

    Cody likes kids of all ages and enjoys working them.  Before becoming a school bus driver, Cody was a lifeguard, swim coach, and a delivery driver.  Cody loves driving big vehicles and Cody loves kids; he has the best of both worlds.  When not working, Cody likes to walk and swim and hang out with friends. 

    Lena Simonian

    Lena has worked with children her entire adult life and she loves them.  Lena immigrated to the US in her 20’s and she credits the kids with helping her improve her English.  Lena has raised two children of her own.  Lena is always wearing a smile and sporting a good mood that gives testimony to the fact she loves driving a bus.  She likes being outdoors and learning lots of things from the kids she drives.  She enjoys spending time with family, caring for her aging parents.  Lena loves to cook and hike and travel and sightsee.

    Scott Skillman

    Scott retired as a Quality Field Representative and wanted to keep busy by contributing to his community.  He chose to become a school bus driver and we are very glad he did.  Scott has a lot of experience to offer and it comes in handy when working with his students to be save while driving them to and from school.  Scott is a golfer and loves his Harley Davidson.

    Tim Stafford

    Tim is an imposing figure; tall, but his smile disarms.  A current real estate agent and a former Network Engineer for University of Southern California and Louisiana State University, Tim loves driving buses.  He likes seeing the kids first thing in the morning and seeing them achieve their goals and grow into young adults.  School bus driving fits Tim’s lifestyle and of having a big break in the middle of the day and having summers off to travel and explore different languages and cultures. Tim speaks fluent French and some Spanish.  While Tim doesn’t have an accent, he has that southern warmth in his tone that instantly puts you at ease.

    Carol Straight

    Carol has done a wide variety of things including Teen Director at the Boys and Girls Club before embarking on a bus driving career.  She was looking for something that allowed her time to spend with her own children and more time for vacations.  Carol loves watching shy children blossom during the year into confident young people.  Carol is interested in Native American history and the Indian wars and Crazy Horse.  When not driving her bus, Carol enjoys photography, basket weaving, Kayaking, and traveling the country in her new motor home.

    Kelli Suits

    Kellie loves working with children and families.  Kelli is always smiling and has a kind word for everyone.  She worked for the State as a Social Worker for 25 years in a variety of family services departments including child protective services.  Kellie is the Grandma who spoils her Grandchildren and loves spending time with friends and family.

    Aaron Sushinsky

    Aaron was in sales as a Manager and trainer living in Southern California.  Upon moving to Mukilteo, Aaron saw our ad for a bus driver and applied.  He was very impressed with the positive attitude and felt like this was the right fit for him.  His favorite part of his job is the kids!  He also likes the opportunity to grow in his job – currently Aaron is a Driver Trainer and works to train new drivers.  Off work, Aaron enjoys exploring Washington, playing video games, racing go karts, and spending time on self-improvement.  One of Aaron’s favorite reads is the Hobbit by J.R R. Tolkien.

    Jamie Swanson

    Jamie is the mom to three boys and driving a school bus allows her to be on the same schedule as her sons.  Jamie says driving a big school bus is fun and she enjoys getting to know the kids.  Jamie is quiet, but she has excellent student management skills and maintains a safe bus.  When not working, Jamie will be doing outdoor activities like riding quads, snowmobiling, and camping.

    Jarrai Tambadou

    Jarrai was a caregiver and a driver before joining our team.  She is very passionate about her driving, especially as a service to her community.  She loves being a school bus driver because of the kids.  Every morning she sees them and says “good morning”, and every afternoon she gets to say “goodbye” and the kids smile back at her and it makes her day.  One of Jarrai’s favorite books is “The World is a Very Small Place in Africa”, by Donald Wright.  It is a history of Gambia.  Jarrai likes to keep busy cleaning, cooking, and hanging out with friends.

    Hermanto Tji

    Hermanto used to work for an export company before joining the Mukilteo team.  He loves to drive and felt this would be a good job.  He was right.  He is starting his 8th year as a driver.  Hermanto was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and has three children of his own.  He has a laid back, calm, quiet personality.  His favorite book is “God’s Generals”, by Roberts Liardon for its inspiring stories.  When not working, Hermanto enjoys spending time with his family.

    Sam Tsvilikhovskiy

    Sam likes driving!  He has a long history of driving trucks.  Sam likes his bus driving team, and he enjoys the students.  Sam has a diverse work history including engineer, truck driver, computer programmer, and even dabbled in real estate.  Sam loves history books, especially about Europe.  Off work, Sam likes to travel, and play with this dog and spending time with his granddaughter.

    Tara Ussery

    Tara started driving when she was in college and a young mom.  She is good at her job and the flexibility of bus driving allows her time for other things.  Tara likes getting to know her students and she enjoys watching them grow and change during the year.   Tara has done many things in her job history and brings a lot of knowledge to her job with us.  When not working, Tara enjoys the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  Some of Tara’s favorite things are going to the beach year round, camping, and spending lots of time with her children watching life through their eyes.

    Vic Walia

    Vic was a front end Supervisor at Home Depot when he decided to try his hand at driving a school bus.  Vic loves driving and was looking forward to a different kind of customer.  He thinks Transportation is a great working environment and he really enjoys his new career of nine years.  Vic is always in a good mood and shares his smiles easily.  Off work, Vic enjoys playing cricket, watching TV, and spending time with family and friends.

    Sean Walker

    Sean chose bus driving for the commute to work.  He had a long commute to Microsoft as a repair technician and a game tester and decided to apply to the local Bainbridge Island School District Transportation.  This year, he joins our team at Mukilteo.   Sean loves being a part of the growth and education of future generations.   He says the kid’s natural curiosity and wonderment is so much fun.  When not working, Sean likes books that take him to a different place.  He thinks Stephen King is a master at creating scenarios that entertain to the fullest.  Sean enjoys spending time with his family watching moves and going to the zoo.  Sean loves to travel to fun and exciting places.

    Michelle Wenstrom

    Michelle joined the world of bus driving over 20 years ago.  As a stay-at-home mom, Michelle was looking for something that had the same hours as her kid’s school hours.  Michelle loves working with children, and she loves that she is able to provide a safe ride and being a part of their day.  When not driving, Michelle enjoys camping with her family.  Michelle is also a big Seahawks fan can be spotted at their home games.

    Jeremy Wilcoxson

    Jeremy has strong ties to our community.  He grew up in the district and his daughter goes to Mukilteo schools.  Jeremy loves the buzz in his bus and the kids are a crack up.  Jeremy enjoys problem solving student issues in a positive way.  Jeremy has a favorite book, “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, by Shel Silverstein.  He read this book to his daughter, and now she reads the book to him.  When not driving around in his yellow ride, you can find Jeremy hiking and backpack camping and is an avid bike rider.

    Sophia Woodland

    Sophia, as a single Mom needed a job that would work with her kids schedule. Sophia loves the kids greeting her in the morning with “The Mum, Sophie. Before driving bus, Sophia worked as a Trade Show Coordinator.  Her favorite book?  Charlottes Web by E.B. White.  Sophia loves doing anything at all with her boys and two dogs and she loves, loves, loves to cook.   

    Lisa Yarbrough

    I asked Lisa why she chose to become a school bus driver and she said “Honestly, it wasn’t for money.  My spirit was kind of broken and I was looking for something different.”  Lisa had previously been a lead in manufacturing.  She says driving a school bus and being around the kids has restored her spirit.  She loves the independence and being on the road, and of course interacting with the kids.  During the summer, Lisa likes to travel to Alaska.  She also loves to garden and hang out on the water.