Black Lives Matter
  • You matter. Black Lives Matter. We see you, and we support you.

    Here at Discovery Elementary, we take pride in the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our students, families, staff members and community members. We acknowledge that institutional racism exists and that longstanding institutional biases have resulted in significant, measurable, system-wide achievement inequities for students. Our shared focus is to eliminate racism, inequities, and institutional bias, which will help increase achievement while narrowing the academic and opportunity gaps between the highest and lowest performing students.

    In response to the Black Lives Matter movement re-emerging following the tragic death of George Floyd as a victim of police brutality, it is undeniable that our community’s work oppressing racism and addressing injustices and inequalities is far from over. During this time of grief and outrage, we acknowledge we have work to do to ensure we reach our aspirations for our Black, Indigenous and students of color.

    Although moving towards a better tomorrow is a difficult and continuous process, encouraging conversations and learning around racism is critical, while simultaneously protecting students from age-inappropriate violence. Now more than ever, your ESS/School Counselor is actively working to reflect on the important role we play in this work to ensure our school and communities continue to be safe spaces for all students and families.

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Diversity & Equity