• This is a very challenging time for many families. Please check back often-- I am regularly posting new resources here as soon as I get them. If you need help accessing resources, please email me at: GrantBM@mukilteo.wednet.edu


    1.The enclosed document provides 22 pages of helpful resources.

    Snohomish County COVID Resources

    2. Here is a great resource for rent assistance!

    Help with Rent

    3. 50% Scholarships for Boys/Girls Club Childcare--Snohomish CARES Scholarships


    4. Help for needs due to Covid-related decreased income:

    Support for Covid-related decreased income

     5. The Snohomish County Foundation has donated funding to the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network Relief Fund, which is in partnership with Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and Scholarship Junkies, for Snohomish undocumented immigrants and their families. 

    Here is the application for those funds, which are intended for rent assistance up to $1000. Take a look:


    6. Spreadsheet of area foodbank resources: