• Your username is your student id#


    Universal - google classroom   destiny discover  noodletools  safari montage  clever

    Your universal password is the password used most often (Google Classroom, Destiny Discover, Noodletools, Safari Montage, even just logging onto a district computer!)

    If you forgot your password, check your planner p. 5. 

    If you don't have it written down, or are locked out, then please email Mrs. Wright.  She can help you.

    If you are prompted to change your password, then remember: 

    Passwords expire and must be reset every 120 days.  Use the guidelines below to successfully change your password (only for middle and high school students).

    • Minimum password length is 8 characters
    • Passwords cannot contain your first name, last name or any part of your username
    • Passwords need to be complex.  
      • At least 1 uppercase letter
      • At least 1 lowercase letter
      • At least 1 number or special character ($ % # ! *)

    If a staff member changes your password, it will only work one time.  You will need to reset to a new password.

    On the student start page you will find a link at the bottom that will direct you to changing it.  


    AR/STAR - AR  STAR  

    Use your initials, birth month, and birth day.  NO YEAR!  For example, Joe Petey, born on April 7, would be jp0407 

    It is case sensitive, so if lowercase doesn't work, try uppercase.

    If you have problems with AR/STAR, or get locked out, then pleaselet your teacher know or email Mrs. Wright.  She can help you.  


    Research Tools Home Access - ebsco  proquest  SIRS

    If you are using the Research Tools on the student page, those databases are protected with these passwords Home Access Passwords for databases (open only for those with district accounts)

    If you have problems or need assistance, please email Mrs. Peterson for help.