• What Can I Be Working on Now?

    There are lots of things that can be done at home to keep the learning going while we are not at school.

  • Reading

    Flashlight Reading! Turn out all the lights and read with a flashlight.

    Camp Out Reading! Throw a sheet over the table to make a tent and sit under it and read.

    Partner Reading! Share the book with someone. You read one page and have them read the other page. 

    Stuffy Reading- Read to your Favorite Stuffed Animal.

    Bathtub Reading- Read outloud in the EMPTY bathtub. You will hear your voice VERY well! :)

    Send me an email. What are you reading?


  • Math

    Count! Start at any number less than 1000. Count for two minutes. How far can you get?

    Count by 5s, but don't always start at 5. Try Starting at 35 or 75.  

         Challenge- Count by 5s- Start at 105 or 145 or 360 or 725.

    Count by 10s, but don't start at 10. Start at 56, so you are counting 56, 66, 76, 86... or 3, 13, 23, 33, 43...

         Challenge- Count by 10s- Start at 478 (choose your own number) and go by 10s from there.

    Count by 2's to practice 2,4,6,8,10,12...

    Count up the value of a pile of coins.

    Do you have any math fact flashcards? Could you write your own math problems?

    Do you have a dice? Roll it by yourself of with a partner and ADD up to 20 (can't go over 20). See who can get to 20 first!

          Challenge- Use the dice and increase the number. Roll to 30, Roll to 40, Roll to 50.

         Challenge- Use the dice and do double digit numbers. 

  • Writing

    Write a note to someone else in your house. Put it where they can find it for a surprise.

    Write a letter to a family member. Have your parents help you mail it.

    Write an email to me!  chismkl@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    Write daily about something FUN you did.

    Are you spending more time in your pajamas than usual? Write a paragraph that describes your favorite pajamas