• How to practice: 


    1) warm up on long tones (5 note scale works well!) (5 min)


    2) play some of the songs in the book we have circled as "concert songs" or look at the list provided. Notice the colored boxes at the top of the page and identify any new terms or notes you might need to apply. (10-15 min)


    3) work on your "Ribbon" songs in the back of the book, pages 42 and 43 (10 min). Remember, to earn yourself a ribbon, you need to play: 

    • Correct notes​ (double check your key signature for sharps and flats)
    • Correct articulation​ (look for slur marks and tongue/slur correctly)
    • Correct rhythms​ (go slowly at first, clap through the rhythms, then air play, then play for real!)
    • Steady tempo (if you can play it slowly, begin increasing the speed)


    4) work on full sheet songs (10 min) . Listen to recordings and play along!


    5) Explore youtube for some cool performers of your instrument to get inspired!