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Homeschool - Home Based Instruction

  • Washington state law recognizes the desire of some parents and families to seek a home-based instruction for their children. RCW 28A.200.011(1) states that each person whose child is receiving home-based instruction ages 8-18 under RCW 28A.225.010(4) must file annually a signed declaration of intent that he or she is planning to cause his or her child to receive home-based instruction. Students will be considered as receiving home-based instructions (homeschooled) if the parent has filed a signed Intent to Provide Home Based Instruction (homeschool) Form. The statement/form should include the name, birthdate, age and grade of the student and shall specify whether a certificated person will be supervising the instruction. Such statement/form must be filed annually by September 15th or within two weeks of the beginning of any quarter, trimester or semester, with the school district office. All decisions relating to philosophy or doctrine, selection of books, teaching materials and curriculum, and methods, timing, place, and provision for the evaluation of home-based instruction shall be the responsibility of the parent. Failure of a parent to comply with the standards as specified in the law shall constitute a violation of the compulsory attendance law.

    If the student is 8 years or older and has been enrolled at one of the Mukilteo School District’s schools, the parent should also contact their child(ren)'s public school to let them know that they are withdrawing to homeschool. This, along with the intent form, notifies both the school and the district that the student is no longer enrolled. By contacting the school directly, parents will alleviate future correspondence, potential legal papers, and calls regarding attendance, once the student has withdrawn. If your student is 7 years or younger, the intent form is not needed, but you may fill out the Homeschool Withdraw form for ages 2-7. The school may use this as the withdraw form for your student.

    Students in home-based instruction may enroll in a public school as part-time students and receive ancillary services on a space available basis, provided the student is otherwise eligible for full-time enrollment in the district. Requests for part-time enrollment or ancillary services shall be directed to the principal of the school serving the attendance area in which the student resides.

    Students requesting to enroll as full-time students at a public school, from home-based instruction, should go to the school serving the attendance area in which the student resides, and register their student. If needed, the school will assist with appropriate placement for the student(s).

    Note: Online School Programs run through a Washington State Public School District typically require a Choice Transfer Request, not an Intent to Provide Home-Based Instruction form. Please contact the district if you have any questions on which form is needed for your student(s).


  • If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or call:

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