Schedule changes will only be made for the following reasons:  missing a prerequisite, missing a graduation requirement (seniors only), misplacement (wrong class level), or missing a class altogether.


    • Schedule changes initiated after the yearly registration period (April-June) will not be made unless specified by a teacher.

    • Schedule changes requested any time after the second day of the semester must be approved by administration.

    • Schedule changes including yearlong classes require parent permission.

    • Withdrawal from a class at any time during the semester must be approved by the principal, parent, and teacher. Extenuating circumstances may result in a “W” (withdrawal) notation on student transcripts; however, will not affect the student’s GPA.

    • Withdrawal requests initiated by a student who has failed to meet his/her class obligations (attendance, turning work in, expected behavior, etc.), or who requests withdrawal for reasons other than “extenuating” as defined above may be permitted with a grade of “F” which will become part of the cumulative GPA.

    Students needing to make a schedule change can visit the counseling office to meet with their counselor and pick up a schedule change form.    Changes of full year classes in a student's schedule require parent permission.