• Frequently Asked Questions


    Who attends ACES High School?

    ACES is a small high school enrolling up to two hundred students.  Students from both Mariner and Kamiak elect to attend ACES for the following reasons; small school environment and smaller classes, more personalized relationships with staff, opportunity to earn more than 3 credits per semester increasing the chance to be an on-time graduate, more time with teachers when needing additional academic support. 

    Is ACES an “alternative” school?

    The diploma and transcript do not reference ACES as an alternative school.  In fact, there is no need. By design, we are more a small high school than an alternative school.  It is common for more than 50 students to graduate each year from ACES High School.  Students enroll here consistently with that specific goal in mind.  Students are required to meet the same district and state requirements as those attending Mariner and Kamiak.  There is no easy way out by coming here.

    Is ACES High School Safe?

    ACES is a very peaceful school where students become friends, get along and support one another.  We maintain an extremely positive school environment where students literally thrive.

    What will my schedule look like?

    ACES runs on a regular bell schedule during the week.  A typical schedule allows a student to take a total of seven classes.  Students take six classes Monday-Thursday and a block class on Friday.  Students do have the option to take a 7th class during the week.  ACES also provides credit recovery opportunities throughout the day with Plato, an online instruction program.  Depending on a students' individual schedule, a student can earn anywhere from 7-9 credits within a school year instead of the typical 6 credits at Mariner and Kamiak.

    Is transportation provided?

    The district provides transportation to/from ACES.  Students transfer onto a bus at Mariner or Kamiak  which will bring them to ACES before school.  Afternoon transportation is a bit different:  Students will walk home if they live within 1.5 miles of ACES High School.  Kamiak and Mariner follow this same procedure.