District Goals

  • 2022-27 District Goals
    Goal 1: Students learn, grow and thrive
    Priority Strategies
    1A. Build school and classroom communities where students are acknowledged and valued, feel safe, and know they belong.
    1B. Build intentional partnerships with students, families and the community.
    1C. Create supportive environments and learning experiences for each student by strengthening social and emotional learning.
    Goal 2: Students achieve academic success
    Priority Strategies
    2A. Provide high-quality instruction and support focused on students’ needs.
    2B. Align and integrate curriculum, assessments, instructional tools, and supports.
    2C. Provide comprehensive professional learning for instructional staff informed by student data, evidence-based best practices, and staff learning needs.
    Goal 3: Collective responsibility for student success
    Priority Strategies
    3A. Recruit and retain high-quality staff with diverse experiences and backgrounds.
    3B. Prepare employees for current responsibilities and outline professional growth pathway options.
    3C. Create a culture of belonging where all staff feel appreciated.
    Goal 4: Organizational effectiveness
    Priority Strategies
    4A. Increase operational efficiency across departments.
    4B. Build relationships by engaging with our communities through meaningful communication.

    Adopted: November 14, 2022

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