• SPED Rules

    SPED School Bus Passenger Rules and Procedures

    SPED School Bus Passenger Rules and Procedures

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    Bus service eligibility

    Specialized bus service is provided if it is indicated in your student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


    If transportation is not needed for your student, it is required you contact transportation at 425-356-1306 as soon as possible. The transportation phone number is available 24 hours, seven days a week. If your student does not ride the bus for three consecutive school days, and transportation has not been contacted, bus service will be suspended until further notice. Changes in transportation take three to five days to process. Informing your bus driver of day to day issues regarding your student, will greatly assist the driver in providing the best service possible. If you are not able to speak with the driver directly, a written note is welcome. This is required if you have numerous designated adults to receive your student from the bus.

    Prepare for pick-up

    Students need to be ready at least five minutes before scheduled bus pick up time. Bus drivers will wait one (1) minute for the student and then leave for their next stop. Drivers will not beep their horn, call the home or return for a student who was not ready on time.

    Prepare for drop-off

    The drivers will keep students on the bus until they know the designated adult to receive the student is there. If no adult is present, the driver will continue their route and return the student to their school. If no one at school is available to receive the returned student, the driver will bring the student to the transportation department and local authorities will be contacted.

    Bus stop

    Students will be picked up and dropped off at or near the home. Transportation will determine the actual stop based on safety of the stop and the reasonableness of the stop.

    Boarding and disembarking bus Students are expected to follow driver directions while boarding or disembarking the school bus. Students who cross the street at the stop must cross in front of the bus. Crossing students must wait until eye contact is made with driver and the driver hand signals student to cross. Students must also check for traffic when they are crossing.

    Students with limited mobility

    Please assist your student to and from the bus. Students who require a wheelchair are required to have a designated adult present at the bus stop. Drivers are not required to lift students.

    Requesting alternate drop-off

    Special permission to ride a different bus for one day may be granted if room is available. Parent/guardian must send written note to school with their student and call transportation at 425-356-1306. The note must include date, bus stop, and reason for request. If riding home with another student, please include name of the other student. The school office will issue a bus pass for your student to present to the bus driver. Drivers will not accept hand written notes.

    Passenger Conduct

    Riding a school bus is a privilege. Common bus rules are posted on all buses.

    Students are expected to follow bus rules and driver directions. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats if needed to keep a safe environment.

    If the bus is equipped with a seatbelt, they must be worn.

    It may be necessary to place a student in a safety vest to assist them in remaining safely seated while on the bus.

    Failure to comply can result in a loss of riding privileges.

    Audio Video & Cameras

    Mukilteo School District uses audio video cameras on some district operated school buses for the purpose of reducing discipline problems, thus providing a safer environment for the transportation of students. Camera recordings may be used to identify and determine discipline level for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

    Items not allowed on the bus

    In order to comply with state and district polices, ensure the safety of all students, the following items are not allowed on a school bus:

    • Glass objects
    • Food, drink, gum consumption
    • Balloons
    • Animals including insects and spiders
    • Any object that cannot be safely controlled by the student in the seat or upright on the floor between their knees. The bus driver has the authority to make the final decision.
    • Items not allowed at school
    • Illegal items

    Student discipline

    The District has progressive six step discipline policy for inappropriate or unsafe behavior.  This applies any time a student rides District transportation. The bus conduct report is the document through which the District communicates with the parent/guardian. It also insures that the parent/guardian is involved in the process from the first incident of inappropriate or unsafe behaviors. If warranted, your child will be given a written notice for you to review, sign, and return to bus driver the following day. The six discipline steps are:

    1. Written report with phone call to parent/guardian
    2. School Administrator discusses behavior with student
    3. One (1) day loss of riding privilege
    4. Two (2) days loss of riding privilege
    5. Three (3) days loss of riding privilege
    6. Four (4) days loss of riding privilege

    Infractions of a severe nature can bypass the above discipline steps and result in immediate loss of riding privilege.  This can require a conference with School Administrators, parents, student and transportation officials with a positive outcome to re-establish riding privilege.

    The District reserves the right to suspend transportation privileges for any student that demonstrates unsafe behavior.

    Bus route delays

    Published bus routes are followed as closely as possible. From time to time, an accident, road construction, or other unforeseen event can cause a bus to be delayed. Drivers are trained to ensure your student’s safety. Unpredictable delays are difficult to assess and therefore individual communication to families of students on delayed routes is not practical. However when the delay is significant an attempt will be made to contact individual families concerned parent/guardians are welcome to contact transportation at 425- 356-1306 with any questions.

    Weather related limited transportation

    When weather makes traveling unsafe in designated neighborhoods in the District, “limited” transportation will be announced on local radio and TV stations. This information will also be published at www.flashalert.net and on the District website www.mukilteo.wednet.edu. Limited bus transportation will remain in effect the entire day. Transportation will notify you via letter or phone call of an alternate pick and drop location during limited transportation. Limited transportation flyers are distributed annually to all bus riders in late autumn.

    "Limited Transportation" route information