• Color Drawing of Pathfinder Kindergarten Center

    School Facts, Vision, and Program Information

    11401 Building B – Beverly Park Road, Everett, WA 98204
    Phone: 425-366-3800

    School Opened: September 2017
    School Colors: Sky Blue, Coral and Grey

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    Explore, Nurture, Thrive

    Our mission is to build a strong bridge between home and school early learning experiences and to create a safe, welcoming, developmentally appropriate environment where learning is joyful and accessible for all students.

    Our vision is to develop capable individuals, curious learners, and contributing citizens.

    We accomplish our mission and vision by focusing on our core beliefs:

    1. Families are children’s first and most important teachers. Development and learning are rooted in culture and supported by family. Positive collaboration between home and school supports each child’s growth.

    2. Children thrive when given secure relationships with adults in an environment that is safe, positive, welcoming, and respectful of each member of our diverse community.

    3. Children learn best from active participation through opportunities for creativity, discovery, interaction, problem-solving, conversation, and structured play.

    4. Our focus is on the whole child: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and language development.

    5.  A high-quality kindergarten experience provides developmentally appropriate and academically rigorous learning opportunities that are both child-initiated and teacher-guided.

    6.  We have high expectations for students that are age-appropriate. We recognize and support differences in the needs, skills, and readiness levels of children as they develop as individuals.

    7. Learning is most meaningful when it is integrated across domains.

    8.  We value regular opportunities to collaborate with colleagues around meaningful issues that impact student learning.

    9.  Assessment, evaluation, and knowledge of best practices form the basis for sound educational decisions.

    10. We all contribute to the critical work of ensuring growth and success for every student and colleague.

    11.  All decisions are based upon what is best for students and learning.

    Pathfinder serves kindergarten students from seven Mukilteo School District Elementary Schools: All kindergarten students from Fairmount and Lake Stickney Elementary Schools and some neighborhoods from Challenger, Discovery, Horizon, Odyssey, and Olivia Park.

    Download a PDF here: School Facts, Vision ,and Program Information