General Information

  • This is a centralized location for information of interest to Olympic View Parents.  Here are a few helpful links an other important information:

    Qmlativ Family Access

    CLICK HERE to learn more about how to access and use Qmlativ Family Access Portal.

    Schoology for Parents

    We encourage all parents/guardians to create a parent account in Schoology. Great way to stay updated on your student's grades, homework and important school or classroom updates.

    To create an account, follow these easy steps:

    • Call Olympic View Middle School at (425) 366-5200 and ask for your Schoology parent access code.
    • Go to, hover on "Sign Up" in top right corner, and click on the drop down menu option of "Parent."
    • Type in your access code and click continue.
    • Fill in your name and other basic personal info.


    Student Deliveries

    Did your student forget his/her lunch, PE clothes, homework or other items a home?  We have a parent drop-off shelf in the office.  

    • Students check the office drop-off shelf during their passing time or during lunch for items dropped off.
    • To minimize interruptions to the class, we do not deliver items or notes to classrooms.
    • Balloons and flowers cannot be delivered to students. (Balloons are also not allowed on buses.)


    If you want information about emergencies such as the procedures for school closures, lockdowns and shelter-in-place. click Emergency Information

    Each school has a plan for responding to emergencies and for providing information to parents. Please remember that communicating can become very difficult during an emergency. The school needs the emergency contact information (address and daytime phone number) of each parent or guardian as well as the phone numbers of two alternate emergency contacts. Be sure that your child's records are current and notify your child's school of any contact information changes. Emergency Communication

    Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

    CLICK HERE to read our school district's Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.