Course:Title One Math/Student Engagement 6th-8th Grade

    E-mail: tolstedtmj@mukilteo.wednet.edu

     Course Description

    This class is primarily experientially-based and emphasizes the importance of communication, character, personal growth, and building strong relationships and teams through different content areas.  Also, covered will be a variety of listening skills, synergy, perceptions, conflict styles, personality and group formation. A variety of initiatives will be used to facilitate the learning of skills and will be used, along with various media to reinforce those skills throughout the trimester.

     Materials Used

    A variety of supplied materials by the teacher.  Students should have their notebook, planner, and writing supplies daily.


    Students will be graded on class assignments, tests, and quizzes.  

    • 100%- 95% A
    • 94% - 90% A-
    • 89% - 87% B+  
    • 86% - 85% B 
    • 84% - 80 % B-
    • 79% - 77% C+
    • 76% - 75% C
    • 74% - 70% C-
    • 69% - 65% D+
    • 64% - 60% D
    • 59% - 0% F

    Make-up work and/ or Tests

    All make-up work needs to be turned in the day after the student returns to school.  If, the student was gone for multiple days, then they have that many days to turn in the assignment.  All tests missed will be made up before or after school and needs to be scheduled with the teacher. 


    Progress can be checked at any time on the family portal.  Make sure you sign-up in the office to access your account.