Welcome to the Endeavour Library!

  • For more information about Book Fair, please check your child's "Library with Mrs. Smeby" course on Schoology.

  • Lost/Overdue Books Policy

    Each week, when your child comes to the library with his/her class, s/he is told what books are currently checked out.

    If a book is forgotten/overdue, students may still select new books, but they are placed on the Babysitting Cart at the end of the class’ library visit. The student then has until the end of the following school day to switch out the forgotten/overdue books for the new ones. The books left behind at the end of that day are re-shelved. A “Reminder Paper” is printed out and given to your child (or to his/her teacher for distribution later), which includes the book’s title, circulation barcode, and due date.

    If your child is unable to find a lost book, s/he mayreplace it with a brand new or like new copy of the same title (and in the same type of binding). Before you replace the book, please email Mrs. Smeby first, as she will work with you to find the correct replacement. Please do NOT send in cash for the book.

    It is a priority for our students to be responsible for their books. Please help your child find a safe place to store library books and help him/her to remember to bring the books back on-time. One of the goals of check-out is teaching the students that the books they check out are *their* responsibility.

    Thank you! Please email me if you have any questions! smebysb@mukilteo.wednet.edu

  • We need your help!

     Volunteering in the Endeavour Library

    Are you interested in helping in the Endeavour Library? If so, please contact Mrs. Smeby:  smebysb@mukilteo.wednet.edu

    It is Mukilteo School District policy that volunteers must be on the approved volunteer list in the office BEFORE they can work in the library.  Please see the front office staff to get the Washington State Patrol paperwork and after showing her your ID in person, please allow two weeks for processing. Volunteers must also show proof of vaccination. Thank you!

    All volunteers must be trained by Mrs. Smeby before they can work in the library. It's not difficult; there are just some procedures to discuss.

    We hope you join us! The library is a *fantastic* place to be!

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Thank you for supporting our Book Fair!